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为何修行 Why Cultivate?

12:47 AM
A: Hi, I am back!

B:hahaha at this time
still at office catching up with deadline for tomorrow

A: went for smoothies till 12MN
took a cooling bath n now on my laptop to work
u took time off to attend group cultivation with the whole world!!!
what a gigantic event hor :)

S's place air con cooler.
T's place hotter
energy fields different

B: air con has a great influence
i can be a bit suffocated in a warm place

A: has. I need cool n fresh air
hot n closed up , then energy won't move
affects my "astral powers" :)
but I overcome it.

I saw a whole golden world with a huge cylindrical gold column and a golden dragon twine around it!  not bad. went to a golden realm

B: i caught something amidst the mandarin talks. hahahaha

A:n K said: O! then have 3 more such pillars lol
sentient mindset

B: why would she say that hahaha

A: anyway, the Discipline of Mind is good! anything sentient means can't be True Dharma

so all these sentient thoughts, why can't she just accept the wonders in sight?
need to have all?

People can't know how wonderful is SIMPLE & EASY

If anyone can understand what is shared in the Discipline of Mind/Heart, they will all be Buddhas instantly

that Dilgo is a pretty great yogi

B: yes, i was thinking the same, to enjoy the wonders of the scene, no need to alter that

A: yes.
O! sentient being feels great when they see others begging them

read today's article from padma guru, anything sentient is not true Dharma. its really a very great passage

you are really Padma guru savvy
no wonder GM sent you to help this old lady! hehe

B: ahahaha old lady *lovingly*
thankful for the English edition, otherwise i dont have things to share with you hor

A: u know, I never ceased to be amazed at how much knowledge I have on cultivation
don't know where they came from too
then u provided me with more solid theory :)

B: yes i'm happy that i can supplement you with the written teachings from past teachers
this way people will not scold you for telling lies and hallucinating

A: what a formidable team ? One theory n one practical

B: hehehe but i need to be practical as it is will be exercising what is learnt
i dont want to be like those people who are fluent at telling theories but zero at application

A: so being able to put theory to practical use is very important

B: i've seen so many people like that
yes, indeed

A: like lian L, always copy Lian M's speeches n acting as if he comprehend what he is copying

B: i re-read the posted sharing and it truly has so many important points
2.5 pages of enlightenment

A: i played him following week after he tried to shred my speech; by explaining the main point of his speech the previous week when he said this might be hard n lots of you won't understand

just understand half n use for cultivation already very good.

the let go of all sentient matters n materials

i said so many times to find time n reflect n throw away things u don't need
no one seems to heed me :)

B: the maturation of the mind is real hor!
even golden words will just pass by when they fall on the ears of the immatures

A: like G, still stuck on love when he claimed he can be immovable liao n cultivated well

B: i believe it isn't easy to totally rid of worldly love
but claiming to be immovable needs continuous proofs

A: u have to also void relatives n friends to stay neutral
hard lol

but u can treat all as Self much easier

so this way can't then do another lol. Innovation also can work wonders in cultivation

B: i just wanted to say that as well

A: I still remember Y crying n I was stern n told him to hand over his mobiles

B: but to exhaust the ties of emotion is no easy matter

A: hehe. evil like Hell
N GM gave me this gorgeous task of acting tough

C and Y have been laughing at that until now
i say: what an experience! :)

A: dealing with Y is like dealing with my own son! No choice but to stay firm!
well? GM's orders!
do lol!

B: he said he obeyed your orders
as it was gm himself who helped him via your hand

A: ya, but i don't know why he so goodie good obey me! :)

B: if he would disobey you, he believed it was like skipping the help from gm

A: I so wanted to Hug him n make things better
but refrain myself
I am too soft hearted n when I see him cry n cry n lack of air liao
I really dare not look at him but continue to do the crowns

B: i almost laughed at your saying: it should be a happy tears
but it is true!

A: ya. thats true as he is free
he had a narrow escape

B: i couldn't stand looking at crying people either!

A: he said can N hand over her stuff?
I said: why should N do so?

B: i told him if he were to stay with his gf up until that time, he would wither for sure

A: ya. those $ face n status crazy ppl will eat him alive

B: you were that stern hor!

A: I had a hard time hardening my heart n making the stern thingy wasn't my cup of tea too

BUT I did it! Yay!

B: i was thinking that this golden haired lotus child could handle this matter like a man

A: giving way is like putting up a false front just to stay on in a rotten relationship

B: oooo just like Y
i used to be giving way in too much when i was in love
pretty damn stupid if i would recall

A: so best steer clear of those Love thingy as they wont last too
best to love GM only
when u not successful, you cry n cry

B: it's really no Cinderella story
ahahaha true!

A: but when you successful n got hitched up, you suffer n suffer. thats what GM trying to warn all

B: no easy matter
but it's so funny that all teaching texts mention that nothing to gain from worldly love

A: I walked home via a Great big circle n reach home at 52!

B: all conditioned things do not last
omg i still remember when i did that early translation of your article - back to basic 1

A: yes. u can manufacture anyone to your requirement only if you are very rich. 
but then there is no true feelings

B: makes sense!

A: i thought u are one of my greatest FAN, n all I said Make sense!!! :)

but frankly speaking, all in TBS lacks Basics of varying levels
u have the theory but don't know how to put it into practical usage or transformation
others don't have that much theory n most don't have any theory
then lack of Drive to learn
B: :)

A: or don't know what they need to learn
like got gun n bullets but don't know how to shoot

B: ah yes, don't know what they need to learn. ...

A: but like Padma guru's teachings, most won't understand too
like u go tell a layperson, you need to discard relatives n friends n all sentient materials
u don't need pride n status n fame

B: his teachings are very to the point and he doesn't entertain fake stuff

A: hahaha! you will be hammered to death instantly

B: exactly!

A: like the Help or Don't Help
many will immediately label me heartless

B: gm still elaborates the teachings with some worldly accomplishments
ya ya, i know they will have no choice but to label you that way

thats why telling the truth is not an easy matter

A: but my intent was to save SL from being hot headed n drop into an abyss

B: people want to hear what they want to hear

A: ya. telling the truth like me. you get hammered by the Good n the Bad as well!

B: i say that telling the people to recite high king not for self sake isn't easy

A: but good and bad are still the same as they are still sentient minded
well, why did he start to recite 1000?
he has an initial motive to better his lot!

B: yes

A: then he thinks that if he "donate" this 1000, his lot will be even better
thats how sentient mindset works
increase the Returns

B: this is how most students are missing!

A: of course he doesn't like to hear the truth

B: in the passage within the dedication of merit, it is stated:

and may i develop the "qualities" of buddhahood and thus free all who suffer

i have been wondering sometimes am i reciting the dedication of merit with or without true intent

A: so if he does the Light bulb visualisation that I taught all of you, he won't even have to think whether to dedicate or not

B: yes

A: as long as you don't have self interest, everything you do is fine
as long as you think n act like a buddha, there is no record of good or bad karma
i teach you all the simple way, but NOT GOOD! :)

B: yes, because without self interest is also the quality of buddhahood

A: most want to bang his head against the wall

B: so G has to learn from you too mah!
lets see how he defines immovable afterwards

A: nah! that one thinks he is already very high in cultivation

to be Immovable, there has to be Something to MOVE!

my tummy is bloated with 3 smoothies!
there's a 4th in my fridge! :)

B: hhahaha
happy drinking the 4th one :)
good morning, fashi dear :)

Dear all, 
picked up any useful Tips?

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Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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