Sunday, July 6, 2014

Basics & Ultimate 基本与究竟

The spread of goodies for offering this session.
Spagetti with lots of shrimps; Durian Puff, Kueh Lapis; Green Bean Soup; Black Rice Soup; Chocolates; fruits; .......

Hey Fashi, ur live cast was great, with details n explanation in between practising, helps eliminate all the 'huh what for???' in our minds which we may not or missed interpreted any meaning in every section of the practise, hardly get any such explanation of the foundation practise in n no one to ask for advise in sg.

Your videos can help students in sg who are 'channel 5' type especially leh....hooray man!
Keep up the gd work.

Oh ya, u look damn bright!
And I can see your face has change over the years specially your eyes.

The last time we meet sitting in the same plane n we were sitting beside each other, while in our chat, suddenly I saw your face of a monk with big eyes n I told u immediately after that, that's the face you are now, I was amazed.

Really thanks for sharing your link, will follow up.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hi dear, this is what GM instructed me to do.
He said: leave TBS. 
This mean to find another way to cultivate effectively. 

Hahaha! Despite getting scolded, slandered, and even delisted from reverend's list of TBS by those power hungry n money grabbing admin, I am happy that I still doing fine. 

All due to GM's guidance that no one can see but always within me. 
There's the legendary Yoga with Guru. 
Thanks for your support! 

Dear all, 
Like to join us Live in Cultivation?

Please write to NOW!

We will give priority to first 50 Oversea Students that write in.
To maintain Good Quality of the Live Cast, we have no choice but limit the number of participants streaming into our Link.

For the rest, please be patient, we will find a way to share with all in time.

For those interested and sincere in cultivation, please watch our recorded Cultivation session from 29-6-2014 Live Cast.

We will post the 5-7-2014 Live Cast video soon.

Remember that Pure Karma Believes strictly on One's Buddha Affinity, a derivative of One's Karmic Influences!

Do not have any negative thoughts against Pure Karma, like GM said: You don't owe me & I don't owe you, there is no need for you to take refuge with me!

Cultivation is Truly Solely One's own responsibility! :)

You want to truly break free from Suffering of Infinite Samsara? 
Cultivation is your only choice!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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