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大手印 Mahamudra

大手印(梵文:Mahāmudrā,藏文:Chagchen,威利拼音:phyag chen),藏传佛教新译派最重要的传承。与旧译派的大圆满传承,形成藏传佛教两大主流之一。


帝洛巴将“六句建言”传给 那洛巴

The above is 6 suggestion from Tilopa to Naropa.
Its invaluable to all aspiring to be True Yogi!
  1. Renounce or Let go all that had happened in the past.
  2. Let go what might happen or appear in the the future.
  3. Let go of what is happening at the present moment.
  4. Do not have intent to be fixated
  5. Do not have intent to make anything happen
  6. Relax and let go of the present or current phase, then rest.

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Dear all,
There are plenty of materials for anyone that is Truly Sincere in learning about Cultivation.
However, Sentient Minds are easily diverted to "NEW" and then they made excuses or gave explanation to justify what they are doing.

Therefore, what Root Guru said, seems to be like "Wind that passes by One's ears, Never entering at all!"

From chat archive:
[--- AA: Met SS liaohahaha! Guess what?

They listened to TT n started to do smoke offering, all claiming needs to offer to their karmic foes!!!
so sad!

at the start of cultivation, 4 immeasurable visualization means nothing to them liao! when all transform into Light, no more self n others, where to find Karmic foes? :)

and Mahamudra stage one is Concentrate on One!

TT will bear even more karma by misleading others!

BB: so every sat they do Smoke.Offering instead Vajrasattva Repetance?

AA: they do smoke offering only when they go SS's or JJ's place

sentient minds didn't realize that this shows dissatisfaction of current program of Vajrasattva repentance

seems they started after having the idea to do smoke offering from BB's assignment!

hahaha! their motive is to clear Karmic negatives of Self!

so they still dont understand that cultivation is for all n No Self

BB: yep, too many wishes. making them confuse which one needs to be done

CC: there is an underlying factor why they chose to do the smoke puja instead of vajrasattva repentance

if you look at the sermon for smoke puja, GM said that this sadhana is also good to pay your karmic debts

unfortunately, many people only listen partially

and the dharma doors to pay karmic debts are also aplenty

AA: seems the group think that TT has been joining in cultivation at SC temple so he can teach them!

CC: vajrasattva repentance has been said to be the greatest amongst all, if only they could remember

AA: ya. the beginning n ultimate!

yoga with 5 buddhas means the whole universe liao! :)

well, personal choice!

CC: yes personal choice :)

AA: ignorance & greed!

our YY with SC about 10 years, he also didn't do well!

O! TT said YY's house fengshui no good n now YY looking for house to move!

also didn't remember what I said about a yogi can control the elements n fengshui won't affect one!

TT has too much taoist stuff he needs to thoroughly throw away!

CC: wah
the tendency is quite obvious

AA: means they all lost complete faith n trust in GM to care for them! ---]


Remember TT wrote down the sequence of High King Sutra's visualization?
He ended with "Then you gradually enter Meditative state, and wait for Buddha & Boddhisattva to emit light to bless you"!

I advised that when he don't know, don't teach anyone what he think he has grasped or learn.

I remember GM said in some sectors of Tantrayana, a Root Guru gave his student only One practice, that is Great Prostration. This student diligently cultivating this for more than 16 years!

I taught a shi-jie to chant 4 Refuge Vows 108 times during her daily cultivation practice.
Her aura bespoke that she needs to rebuild the Lineage Link to GM Lu.

Also there is this self proclaimed reincarnation of a certain Guru, that also held off imparting his student with Cultivation know-how. 
One of the student revealed that after 9 years of serving her Root Guru, then she was taught a practice!

For those students of GM Lu, see how lucky you are?
Don't waste this opportunity to cultivate well, as in your next lifetime, you might not have such a fortunate encounter with a Living Buddha!

If you think you have lots of negative Karma, then you have!
If you can't stay Focus on cultivating One practice and concentrating on this One practice, you will end up like the "rolling stone that gathers no moss"!

Any way, its all about Personal Choice!

And GM's words of "Believe or not, Up to you!"

Therefore, the conclusion is that these group of students gave up on GM and his teachings and chose to go their own way, directed by what they think they need in a sentient manner.

After the 3 Assignments, it is also obvious that most still don't understand "What is Cultivation"!

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom

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