Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Reincarnation 转世

AA:GM said that MH 370 victims all dead.

BB: hijacked?

AA: Yup.

CC: aih
it's been too long

AA: Dragged too long n living conditions are poor. Of course they don't kill you, you also can't survive

CC: worse ah... died slowly

AA: HK shijie, said that she very scared lianye always post those gruesome photos of his mutilated body!

BB: AmituoFo

AA: is he still doing so?

CC: i don't know either, he wrote in chinese and i didn't go into his blog
but so far i haven't seen any of the gruesome pics in the facebook newsfeed

AA: ok.

CC: some time ago, he only posted the hand with so many metal cords or the kind
a bit disturbing i must say

AA: he is a crazy ass
dabbling into the dark stuff of Hell

the thing is, GM clarified what I wrote in both speeches this weekend! :)

nowadays, GM really tell all without holding back
so I even write Names of people that i previously only use alphabets

CC: the scary stuff is that the blind leading the blind

it's like wronging so many people within a group

AA: ya lol. if we don't expose him, then more will get misled

a group of HK students idolised him

my writing in chinese will hopefully break his hold over the HK n taiwan students at least

CC: my friend idolises him too, since he said he was the reincarnation of Gampopa
a main disciple of Milarepa

AA: I didn't hear GM said anything about that!

CC: people without much learning, but how can they not get lured by such affirmation

that's why
i didn't hear gm said he was gampopa

AA: even if reincarnation - GM said have to cultivate properly then might be able to link back!
not a sure thing lol

CC: can't agree more

AA: I didn't even tell who I am! hehe!
see my Who Am I series, didn't pin down who am I.

like GM said: he tell and you believe?

CC: fitting statement!

AA: shows he don't know any Vajrayana tricks lol

only know how to invoke hell spirits

his eyes are too protruding too!

that milarepa reincarnation, I can "sense" that one in him, but this lianye dont have!

i had dinner with Lian ye n lian lai before when in Seattle!

Lain lai has a female aura n this lianye - nothing
he is just a sentient being

CC: walaaa

i have a feeling that many people believe that when one is appointed a VM, one automatically speeds up or has achieved yoga

mmm, no wonder so many people are easy to deceive if they don't spend some time to really observe the VM

AA: but GM broke their euphoric bubble liao

CC: yes, until GM spoke so

AA: GM said most of them didn't yoga, not enlightened, greedy for money,...


Dear all,
If you listened to GM closely, you would have picked up the points that were discussed above! :)

Reincarnation? still needs to cultivate well to "LINK" back to corresponding Reincarnation!

However, the exceptions are our 2 little living buddhas!


All in GM's Speeches!!! :)

The Milarepa case, I met him across the dining table in Houston's Mi Yi Temple when GM visits.
At that time, he has Good Energy Hue around him and also a certain amount oozing from within him.
Sitting opposite him, gives one a joyous feeling!
For those with "Qi Sensors", you can feel weak electric currents or waves touching you.
However, it was gone when I met him again in Taiwan Temple! :)

Claims to be Gampopa.  I met Lian Ye & Lian Lai in Seattle and we dine together; then also several occasions in various temples world-wide, He, LY don't have the same Good Energy In & Around him!
Not an iota or wee bit!

GM keeps telling all to have Wisdom and be discerning and Don't believe everything others choose to tell you! 

If you don't cultivate with diligent efforts, being near Living Buddhas and etc., also won't help you at all! 



Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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