Wednesday, September 17, 2014

尘归尘 From Dust to Dust!

Above: Bardo Delivery Dedication Pack


Dust to Dust may refer to:
"Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust", a phrase from the funeral service in the Book of Common Prayer

Below: Cremation and the Human Remains.

Dear all, 
this is Reality! 
We all will go through Birth & Death, again and again.

What actually changes?
Your Human Shell only!

So how? :)
Cultivate to Free yourself from eternal Transmigration or Reincarnation!

It is YOU that has to go through all these & Rebirth dependant Solely on your Karmic Influences.


Of course, if you are a Buddha or Boddhisattva, you can choose to "Return" to succour sentient beings! 

However, if you are still Tightly Entangled by Sentient Materials and Matters arising from Craving of these materials, then you won't ever be able to be Free, agree?

GM said in recent speech that Sakyamuni Buddha, and Himself, are always subjected to Slander!
We have also read many stories of people trying to hurt Sakyamuni Buddha and of course, we have witnessed the same that happened to GM Lu too!

How did all these arises?

Poisons of Greed, Aversion, Ignorance, of course! :)

Now lets look at these Slander stuff closely. :)

Why do people slander anyone?

Mainly the Greedy monster in them roaring its ugly head, thinking that they need to be 
"Powerful" - so that others obey them and they feel Pride.
Then with this "Power", they need Total Control of others and their sentient possessions.
After managing to acquire some of these possessions and total obedience, they Greedily crave more and more!

They are Imprisoned by their very own Thoughts & Actions!

"Slandering" anyone or like me, revealing your "misdeeds", in order to help free you from Infinite Transmigration?

Remember, Why should anyone care for you enough to Point Out a way to Bodhi Path or Buddhahood?

GM said that "You don't owe me, and I don't owe you. Therefore, you do not need to Take Refuge with me or learn from me."

Now Think:
Is it worth your while or the limited time you have with a Human Shell, in creating and accumulating Karmic Debts, and in so doing, dropped into Hell or worse still, into a path of not return, the Timeless Hell?

Whats with GM's speeches?
They are Gifts to you to save yourself, of course.

What has Lotuschef done in explaining certain Dharma Topics more clearly, from her own experiences?
These too are Gifts to you to save yourself, of course lol!

Slandering Buddha; GM Lu and even Lotuschef, you literally "Dig your own grave deeper and deeper" only!

In the end, you can't find your own Buddha Nature and Break Free from Samsaric Cycles!

GM Lu is very very compassionate in Pointing Out many instructions to one and all, but once again, reflect on how much of these instructions you really understand and can use.


The series of Lion's Playground should incite or ignite either Motivation to Fire up revenge or Diligence Cultivation.

So, how are you affected by these articles? :)

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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