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狮子的乐园 The Lion's Playground! [3]

[Sad they didn't listen to GM properly and thus continue to roll in Sentient Mud!

Read and try to understand the Flower Adornment Sutra, for you can then come play in the Lion's Playground! :)  ]

If you paid attention to GM's speech on 6 September 2014, you will find that all the recent articles written before this speech were all included!
BINGO! Hahaha!

Main Topic being Equality.
3 Poison of Greed, Aversion, Ignorance!

$$$ Grabbing VMs!

Eaten by tigers!

Teaching Each Individual with Different approach & Dharma - this is in Flower Adornment Sutra.

Dharma and many Instruments being Infinite! 



Much much More! :)

Before you attempt to venture into the Lion's Playground, Please Learn the Ground Rules, at least! :)

2009 Seattle:

Lian Lai walked up to me and "warned" me, he said that I am to maintain "low profile"!
What is "low profile" by his definition?
I have been in Seattle less than 3 weeks!
People come to me to seek help with their various ailments!

When a shijie approaches me asking me to help her daughter that had injured her fingers at the Hanging-bars.


I asked her why she came looking for me for help?
She replied that many people in the temple said I can heal ailments or illnesses!

O! recall that Medical Knowledge 医方明 is one of the 5 knowledge of Buddhas'?

O! Lian Lai also sent me an email (shared in this blog), telling me to "Learn how to be a Fashi"!

Also reprimanded me for "Telling or teaching others, not to Gongyang Shangshi & Fashi"!
He said: You have resources and don't need the money but other shangshi & fashi need them!

Xuen-ren fashi said to me one morning while we were busy changing offering on the main altar of Seattle Temple before morning cultivation: You are extremely rich! Build temple la. Build temple then Shizun bestows you with Shang-shi's title! 

Another fashi beside me started at XR, enumerating all his and his mother's greedy deeds of manipulation of Temple's funds and other Public funds, like gongyang from students to GM or Sanghas.
Quite a long and interesting list of greedy deeds too! 

Hahaha! I wrote about these too! 

So he is truly in the know that "Shang-shi titles" somehow has a commercial value!!!
However, he speaks for himself and not GM, agree?

One evening, Shimu led Lian Lai and me to where GM is surrounded by a large group of students.
She told GM: I told him (Lian Lai) that you are giving him the Shang-shi title!

GM pause for quite a while and then said that he will do so.
Hehe! Spot the point here?
You can also get Title if you know how to get to Shi-mu, agree?

Nowadays, GM specified that the Titles of VM were given Upon Recommendation from XX; YY; ZZ....


AA: i put idr xxx to BB's bca
gongyang you :)

CC: Hahaha! I don't need gongyang! Was just thinking about lian lai n his jealousies!

AA: i know you don't need
and i know you would divert them to charity :)

the universe takes a good care of you hor

CC: I am churning a post that what I shared on Lion's roar hit jackpot! 
I  advised ppl to pay attention to GM's coming dharma speech. 
Hehe! Bingo! All in! ☺

Every point in this speech directed at lian ye n ppl of like mind!

The VMs that are greedy n all out for money.

Can't stop laughing with GM
Lion's playground is Fun too!

Danger awareness seems absent in most! 
GM warned them many times but they still hit at me!

When one can read your Body Speech Mind, best run for your life :)

AA: hahahaha very true
it's like that one isn't the one you can play with and deceive

CC: GM already warned them about Lions & Rabbits many times too!


Dear all, it is truly prudent for One that is Sincere in Cultivation of Buddha Dharma to Learn the Rules, First! 

That is One must learn to Listen well to One's Root Guru! 

Your own opinion or view point is not important at all, before you become Enlightened!

I am Right in my assessment of Lian Ye! :)
He can't be Enlightened as he is still very stuck on "Titles" and his own perception of what "Titles" can do for him Materialistically, agree?

Am I fierce or am i compassionate in Pointing Out, so You can change your mindset slowly for the benefit of Self?

My Methods as I have said before, might be Unpalatable to You!
However, they are Essences for your benefit only!

I made you angry?
Made you mad?
If I succeeded, then you should learn to Maintain my prescription of Cool, Calm, Clear minded!

Remember my sharing Sun-zi Art of War 孙子兵法?
Knowing Self, Knowing Foe; A Hundred Battles, A Hundred Victories!

A person that can Read you well?
Best don't be foolish and commit suicide!

Being beside GM, a Lion like Sakyamuni Buddha, should you not be more Awake?

Wandering foolishly into the Lion's Playground?
You might be next meal on the line, agree?


O! GM said that Enlightened Ones should be reasonable and must not Yell or shout!

Now, did you see me Yell or Shout and do so without reason? :)

Please don't lie!!!

Ask Lian Ning, how Cool, Calm, Clear minded Lotuschef was, when he came hurling himself into "Lotuschef's Playground" ?

He was shouting loudly thinking to present a Threatening front! 
Sadly, he was not successful and never will be, because he failed to heed GM's words for him to get rid of his unwholesome habits!!!

One's Root Guru is of utmost importance!

In Tantrayana, if you want to cultivate well, you MUST listen only to your own root guru and no one else or no one that has yet to be enlightened fully!

A word of caution: What you say and do are factors that reveal your Body Speech Mind!
Best watch Self properly! 

For those that listened blindly to Lian Ye and those with like mindset to stay away from Pure Karma's HK or other events.
Please Note that Pure Karma only welcome those with Sincere Hearts to Cultivate!
Also Pure Karma only wishes to share Authentic Buddha Dharma with all!

Do you have the Relevant Affinity as your Entrance Pass?

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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