Tuesday, September 2, 2014

师尊赐予的机会 Chances Given By GM [5]

Letting Go - Free Self and Attain Purity! :)

GM said that it is crucial to let go completely, in order to Yoga; Be Enlightened; and Sight One's own Buddha Nature!

A student recently told me that many people spread rumours that most that join TBS will stay single! :)

Hahaha! GM also mentioned about being wise and not go around spreading "hear say" as if they are the Truths.
He gave an example that even when One personally see and hear, one also may not know the whole Truth.

He said a husband pushed his wife away when there was only one seat left on the last Life-boat.
It seems that he is ruthlessly depriving his wife of a chance to survive.
Onlookers expected the wife to curse and swear at her spouse.
She only said to him to care for their children properly.
Years later, after the husband demise, his daughter found his diary while sorting through his belonging.
She found out that her late mother has an incurable disease and her days were numbered, that is why her father took the only available seat in last Life-boat to survive and bring up their children properly.

Things are not always what they seemed.

GM is telling those that Lied to stop and those that believed these lies and spread them or those that spread "hear say" to stop too!

What others do really have nothing to do with you!

When you are Enlightened and in a position to help others, as per GM, you will be steadfast and not affected by external factors.

Are you still stuck on asking for a good life partner or in doldrums of emotional turmoils from unreturned love or affection?

If you are wise, best steer clear from this entanglements and cultivate to free yourself completely!

I remember a student that is so stuck on finding a  matching "boy-friend" the he keeps chuffing a photo of this person into my view.
I told him to ask GM.
He said that he already wrote a letter and attached the photo of his intended and will present to GM soon.
YES! A male who is interested in a male partner!
I actually force to glance at the photo, but GM signalled me to keep quiet.
So I told this student that I am not to said anything.
He finally left me alone but showed me his displeasure!

O! There are many students that show me photos of their chosen mate, and asked for my opinion, like whether the mate is suitable or not!

THINK: You were given a Chance, a grand one, when you took refuge with GM Lu, concur?

You were also given a chance at learning how to break free from continued Samsara, agree?

Why are you listening to those that have yet to attain Yoga or Enlightenment?

Why are you wasting time spreading Untruths that will harm self only?

YOU don't have anytime to Waste at all!

Cheers All

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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