Friday, September 19, 2014

Karma 因果 – Affinity Practice 因緣法 [2]

Hi all,
This article shared by Sn, explained many basic keys clearly.

I heard that Rd advised Yn to move house as his house Fengshui no good for him. :)

It is not the house Fengshui but Individual selves that need to Do Something About their Own Individual Karma!

Look at Wu, after the second time I helped him, he is diligently chanting 100 Syllable mantra.
He saved himself and also brought light to many.

You all forgot that I advised you all to start with making a wish that " From now on, all merits from your actions or deeds, will be dedicated to all, and may all be well and happy!"

This is also the Boddhicitta wish in Vajrasattva or 4 Preliminaries Practice 四家行

I also heard you people are doing Smoke Offering too!

The move house, the cultivation of Smoke offering instead of Vajrasattva repentance, shows that you people are "Disturbed" Mentally and LOST!

Remember 一心不乱 - A heart unaffected by any forces into action

I also advised all to be charitable, have any of you really do charity voluntarily and not for a motive or reward?

Simple way is to buy incense, fold some lotuses and offer other incense paper to all spirits n earth n city deities daily and also contribute them for offering at group cultivation too!

You also can fold and pass to me to offer during events locally or overseas.
You can also sponsor charity like what we do overseas as well.

Or you chant more gao wang sutra or 100 syllable mantra to dedicate to ALL beings!

It is a matter of whether YOU, yourself is willing to change your own Fate.
Thats all shared in this article from Sn.

Please Understand what is Cultivation First!

And Vajrasattva Practice consists of Repentance; Purifying & Cleansing, which as per GM, is the Best in Repentance and no other practice can surpass this!

Think and try to use Wisdom in you decision, and not get side-tracked or deviate from Boddhi Path and GM's teachings.

The results will be that you move further n further away from GM only!

Always think of what GM teaches to guide you along too.
That is how One can Stabilise Lineage link to and with GM, your root guru.

Now, some of you dream that GM come "Mo-ding"; THINK deeply, WHY?

GM appearance might be a warning to not stray off course, agree?

Of course, its a form of blessing too!
But might not be telling you that you have done well, agree?

Do not make blunders with Superstitions and things like Fengshui or rely on them.
methods of convenience 方便法 is dependent on One's karmic influences & Affinity with Buddha!
The article also clearly defined these.

Read and try to understand this article well & you will know what I am trying to share with you!


Wake up please.

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom

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