Thursday, September 4, 2014

Casket Seal Dharani 宝箧印陀罗尼

[--- Dear Fa Shi,
I read about the Casket Seal Dharani on your blog.
May I enquire if GM has officially transmitted this mantra and if there is a recording of GM's pronunciation?

Best regards,
KL ---]

[--- Comments:

AA: This one is pretty courteous, addressing me as Fashi.
However, he is stuck on Official transmission n GM's exact pronunciation!

He should ask Admin, that are with GM for about 40 years though

I think I also answered one such in my blog, that they should write to GM for abhiseka of this dharani.
He wants GM's official transmission, should he not go ask GM himself? :)

I wrote in for abhiseka of this dharani.

whether GM chanted it or not, abhiseka is good for those that wish to chant this dharani
n with a mindset of benefitting others
  :) :) :)

BB: yes, the conclusion part is the one thing that people who ask for abhiseka should understand in the first hand.
one wants to benefit others. ---]


Dear all,
When you have taken refuge with GM Lu, Please request for Abhiseka of any practice or Dharani that you wish to chant.
  1. A mindset of benefitting others during cultivation of any practice or chanting Dharani.
  2. Trust your own Root Guru to bless your practice at all times and also teaches you Relevant and corresponding Visualisation for each practice.
  3. Enjoy and Have Fun!!! :)

A fashi in Taiwan gave me a "3rd Degree" or interrogation asking me to proof that my chanting of this Dharani which was recorded in video and posted in my blog, is "Official"!


I can even share visualization of this Dharani, how "Official" or Authentic am I? 

In Tantrayana, Your own Root Guru, can be by your side or taken "residence" in your Heart Chakra!

GM said many times: If you are diligent in cultivation, you are just beside me always!
For those that are physically beside me but not diligent, they are actually very very far from me!

GM said something about requesting Abhiseka of Blue Tara, AFTER you get Yogi Responses from Blue Tara!
GM said although he will not give this Abhiseka anymore in this lifetime, if you get Yogi Responses from Blue Tara, he will give you the Abhiseka!

Did you pick this point up from GM's speech during the Autumn Event in Seattle?

Extract from Lotuschef in Conversation – 孙子兵法 Sunzi Art of War:

[--- As for the One that Hired this Evil shot at Guru, the Hired One & YOU, already lost your Heart to Mara & your destination is Timeless Hell!Bon Voyage!!!

To all those that truly loves and respect Guru, please start to chant Guru's mantra and Visualize you are Guru, and you are surrounded by all Divinities in Gao Wang Sutra or Casket Seal Dharani.

I did that already with Usnisa Vijaya & Casket Seal Dharani, yesterday. Please strengthen the protective shield around Guru.

There is no need to worry as this morning, an Indo shijie asked help from Guru and he blessed her and smoothened her path for her as per her request.

To all, please remember that we USE GOOD TO COUNTER EVIL ONLY!

Please make request with GM for Abhiseka before commencing any practice for maximum effectiveness, to benefit all beings. 

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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