Thursday, September 4, 2014

挖掘原本智慧 Revealing One's Wisdom

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During the above session, GM mentioned VM De Hui again, and his favorite pursuit of Reading Detective Novels!
GM said when a topic is brought up, DH will analyse it and give 10 viewpoints.


GM Lu brought this up many times!

In this session, he also mentioned VM Lian Ning being easily agitated and would keep moving about whenever he encounters Problems!

DH shows that he has Steadfastness and Wisdom, agree?

A person that can draw upon his knowledge on any one topic and confidently looks at it and then offering various angles of view, is One that has "Diligent Efforts"!

This Diligence will advance One in Cultivation "With Ease", as a major characteristic of all Buddhas is Infinite Wisdom!

From "Flower Adornment Sutra" , there are many references to the Infinite ways or methods that a Buddha has and can execute to help each and every Individual being, corresponding to their Intelligent Levels and their specific ways or habits. :)

Also, the Wisdom of Discernment, one of the 5 Wisdoms of Buddhas!

Only One that comprehend a topic well, then One can offer a multitude of viewpoints, agree?

Ah! :)

This is an ingredient of Boddhicitta!

When One can view from many angles, One naturally has developed Wisdom to help others Leave Suffering too. 
This is what some called - Consideration!

In the Noble 8 Fold Path - Right View, Right Concentration, Right Mindfulness, are amongst the main traits to develop in being Considerate.

However, One that has Consideration only to the Benefit of Self, will not develop the Necessaries for Boddhicitta!

Therefore, One's diligent efforts in Mind Training, will slowly reveals One's inherent Buddha nature and the associated characteristics, for example - wisdom and compassion for all.

So who already started on the Path to Enlightenment? 

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom

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