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大悲水 Great Compassion Water

Terjemahan Indonesia: Air Maha Karuna

Above: Avalokitesvara Boddhisattva's Seed Syllable: Xie
(also known as Hrih)

Below: A method of "creating" Great Compassion Water, the "Mahayana" way.

[--- CHAT:

AA: people are predictable too!
when a new idea, person, shows up, all dare not commit themselves but stand on sidelines n "wait & see"! So no guts!!!

if they take the words from flower adornment sutra n use as Arrows of enlightenment, many will hit Jackpot!

BB: hahaha guess so
will go to hospital with CC
1:57 AM

AA: ???
CC not well?

BB: someone needs blood so bad
for heart bypass operation

AA: O! blood donation

BB: yes

AA: blood group?

BB: luckily we're A type

AA: O! I am O+ even better. Universal giver!

BB: hahaha same with GM hor :)

AA: i thought u people tidor (SLEEP) liao

BB: almost tidor and got the message
the family is still looking for blood

AA: then quick go la
chant GM's mantra

BB: okies
yes  :)

AA: I will also beam light on both of you! :)

BB: merci beaucoup for your love ---]




Translated as:

Usage of this water:
Can be use to "Cleanse" event venue or altar before and after Buddhist rituals or ceremony or give to those with illnesses. Reverend Yin Guang blessed rice grains & water and give to those with illnesses and even to those with terminal and incurable diseases, seem that results are miraculous.


Dear all,
Buddha do not endorse Attachment to Form, agree? :)
However, these water or rice blessed during events or rituals are Sentient Antidotes to Ease Sentient Minds or Hearts. 
This is one method of Convenience or Dharma of Convenience to Ease Sentient Suffering.

Factor of Attachment or Superstition? :)

I have wrote about Varying Mindsets at Different levels of Cultivation or Realisation.

In Flower Adornment Sutra & GM's latest speech, Buddha has infinite methods or knowledge geared towards each Individual's needs and intelligent level.

In a local Mahayana monastery, a continuous 49 days of chanting the Great Compassion Mantra by reverends are carried out, before they deem these bottled water "ready" or sufficiently blessed for use.

In Tantrayana, we first invoke Root Guru with Hand Mudra; Visualization: and Root Guru's mantra.
Then invoke Avalokitesvara Boddhisattva the same way.
Short mantra: Om Wa Ri La Da Mo Xie.

The Key for this method is "Beam Light" onto water; rice; or any items of choice.

You need to visualize Transformation of all chosen items into Great White Dazzling Light, spreading far and wide, Cleansing or Purifying everyone and everything in and around your location and ultimately merging into the Great Universal Void.

When you really can Transform All into Light and Merged into Great Universal Void, then water, rice & etc. is not needed anymore! :)

This is also a key of Exist & Don't Exist, that GM pointed out to  - the Contents of the Enlightenment Attempt by a student on Sunday, 7-9-2014.

A seemingly "small" practice of purifying and blessing items, can be magnified to include all sentient beings and also world of 3 times and 10 directions! 

Your Boddhicitta Level is your limits! 

See? Always come back to You & You Alone!!!


There is Difference in Time required by Mahayana & Tantrayana too!

The simpler method from Mahayana - need to chant Great Compassion Dharani 49 times.

In Tantrayana, with Visualization and Root Guru's backing, :) you need less than 5 minutes.

Of course, Sentient Minds will argue about Effectiveness! 


Absolute Faith in Root Guru, and chosen Yidam!!!

However, when Anyone is Fixated about their's being the only Effective Method, then their methods become Anti-Buddha! 
Likewise, whatever they deem to do will also become Ineffective!

Remember another Ground rule: No Dispute! or No Disharmony!

Do not view your own opinion as the Ultimate before you attain Full realisation of enlightenment!

In giving blood to save someone, you also exhibited Boddhicitta! 

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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