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21-9-2014 GM's Speech Link


09/21/2014 Nine Stages Dharma of the Great Perfection Dzogchen b

The link below shows the scenario during Abhiseka!

2014年9月21日聖尊蓮生活佛盧勝彥賜授「勾財天女法」灌頂 -彩虹雷藏寺


Today, GM explained the Key to Buddhahood from the 2 verses he wrote in the Maha Perfection Dharma book.
There were 4 and he explained 2 the previous session.

Middle Path is the Key to Buddhahood! :)

So for those reverends or masters that demand abeyance or obedience from anyone, thinking they are "Special", they are Fakes and not True Yogi!

GM said Middle Path Dharma alone is a great topic and covers many areas.

Now in this blog:

1. Someone proclaimed as Maha Mayuri's reincarnation by don't know who: he will dine first and when he finished, then the rest are allowed to partake of the food served.

2. Someone claimed to be Dorje Chang's reincarnation: decked out heavily and held himself High & Mighty.

3. VM Lian Lai that reprimanded me, telling me not to dine with fellow students so often, as what they touched became Tainted Food!
He also need to be served first on a separate plate or bowl, before other diners at the same table.

4. A visit to Malaysia: Fellow students asked for plates, bowls, spoons, chopsticks, to specially dish and serve the food to me.
Upon asking why, they told me this is the Norm expected from other reverends & VMs, as form of respect for their Status!

5. VMs & Reverends, expect lay students to give offerings in red-packets containing $$$; as their due!

6. Lian Lai told me must "gong-yang" the then superintendent of Seattle Temple and also told me XR fashi likes buffet, so I need to get on his good-books!
Hahaha! I didn't and therefore, XR kept at me, "talking about me being extremely rich!".

7. VM Lian Xin, HK, gave an ultimatum to fellow students that they can only attend the Spring Event on Saturday & must return to attend the chapter's session on Sunday, ELSE, they will be "Black-listed" and when GM visits, they will not be allowed to sit inside the chapter's premises!
She has a special service of "I go ask GM on your behalf"!

8. Dharma lecturer, Cun Lian, markets special privileges to dine or meet GM in person!
She also told students to write their problems down and she will go ask GM on their behalf!

9. For those VMs that think that they are Special and Superior over anyone, they too don't understand Middle Path Dharma, as there are No High or Low in terms of Buddha Nature!
Recent articles on Lian Ye and the statements he made in Facebook comments, are good example that most can't overcome the Status & Ego Test to the Middle Path too, agree?

Buddha's Wisdom and especially of Equality is lacking in the above & many others too, that are mentioned in this blog, agree?

Middle Path Dharma?

What is the main problem with these people?

Lack of knowledge on Buddha Dharma & Usages!

They are very sentient minded and commercially tuned to profit from others!

When you think that you are in a position to punish or penalise anyone in a Buddhist Assembly, I am sorry to burst your Euphoric Bubble, as YOU are on your way to Timeless Hell at super duper speed! 

Am I threatening you?

NO! As per GM, pointing out or mentioning you in Dharma talk verbally or in written form, is a form of Blessing!

Shouldn't you Thank the one that is so compassionate as to help you out of the Sentient Mud Pool?

Now, Think!

Has Lotuschef been trying all along to save you and not "talk bad about you"?

Now, also understand why Lotuschef declared that "she only listens to GM Lu, her Root Guru"?

Why should Lotuschef spend time "Pointing out" your problem, which will hinder your attainment of Buddhahood?


Time to wake-up?

I sincerely hope so!

Cheers all

Om Guur Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom

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