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Chances Given By GM 师尊赐予的机会 [7] – 醒醒吧!Wake Up Please!


08/30/2014 Nine Stages Dharma of the Great Perfection Dzogchen by Grand Master Lu-Ling Shen Ching Tze Temple


08/31/2014 Nine Stages Dharma of the Great Perfection Dzogchen by Grand Master Lu-Rainbow Temple


AA:  However, won't publicise location of temple, because I know that there are people attempting to create havoc, recently a new student broadcasted wide-spreadly, asking people not to participate in our event....... I do not wish for disputes. :)

Lotuschef Lama: I think I saw something like a incense burner. By doing fire puja there, the temple will become auspicious and prosperous.

AA: Yes! Real great. :)

Lotuschef Lama: I need the address of temple for including in the Script for event.

AA: Can, will get BB shijie to send to you.

Lotuschef Lama: Creating Havoc?
Hahaha! GM said : Karma is One's own responsibility!
And GM just said recently, Don't listen blindly to others, and must have wisdom in cultivation.

AA: Those fellow students are jealous and I don't feel like arguing with them

Lotuschef Lama: People are weird, scared of me for no reason! :)
The Big Snakes in School's admin, Lian ning, & etc.... fear that I out to snatch at their controls & power? positions/statuses? Hahaha! Boring!
Actually, can cultivate together needs Affinity.

AA: Someone said these in Facebook, GM said that there are some that had exhibited behaviours which are distanced from Lineage, thus instructed Admin to deal with these matters.

However, GM cares and sympathises with HER, hoping that SHE will understand and amend, leave HER a route to Repent and Turn over a new leaf.

Suggest she can write report to GM, LET GM deals with it when there's Affinity.

Without Affinity arising, Buddha won't make take any action on these matters.


The Facebook comments: Translated by Lotuschef

{--- Lian ye: Shizun is HERE, can personally come and consult. 
Face to face request clarification from GM, what wrong has self committed.
All must beg clarification, why dare not come and beg clarification?
This is a big “alas" question, why don't beg affirmation?
Scared of what?

哉  zāi  【助】
(形声。本义:语气词。《说文》: “言之间也。” 表感叹)
表示感叹, 相当于“啊” (AH) ---}

[--- In the above: 
When LY said: Shizun is Here! - One wonders whether He has the audacity to be "Stand-in" for GM Lu? :)

What has anyone else's problem to do with HIM?

Of course, from the bottom of the well, a frog's sight or view is extremely Limited! :)

Read any signs of Enlightenment in his statements?
He seems to Glorify in being a "鸡婆=kaypoh=busybody=gossip monger", agree?
The rest of his statements? Not worth translating!
He is actually emitting faint and feeble "War-cries"! 
Funny! ---]

AA: They sent to me, but I didn't bother about them. Also won't be High profile and argue with them.
Fact is: No Abide, No Mark on Heart :)

Lotuschef Lama: Hahaha! LianYe is the one that told me that his sponsors are not in harmony and lots of disputes/quarrels, thus no one sponsors his chapter!
After one week's repetition, and securing no response from me about sponsoring him, he went round spreading rumours that I am disrespect towards him!

Lotuschef Lama: Yes! Immovable!
Sentient Beings' jealousies give rise to Hatred!  These caused Unhappiness to Self! 
Also revealed Lack of Cultivation attainment!

BB‬: Wow! So popular, once switch on my mobile have 10+ messages :) 

Lotuschef Lama: I do Fire Puja every where, and always Great!

AA: Heaven, Earth, Sentient Being, understand is enough :)

Lotuschef Lama: Buddha's & Boddhisattva's Ways are always smooth and unhindered! :)

AA: We were chatting about those rumours  by fellow students, in  facebook ,whats app.

AA: BB,give temple address to Fashi

Lotuschef Lama: You already said: Rumours, still need to bother about them further?

BB: OK,later.

Lotuschef Lama: best to email address to me

Lotuschef Lama: That Lian Ye, GM didn't say want to retire immediately. 
But he falsely spread rumours and then launch a series of Lamp Lighting packages to dig $$$!


Hahaha! Still have time to [Create falsehood and attempt to wreck havoc]?

Year 2009 – Still remember that [You] wrote a letter to GM, saying [Enlightenment] is nothing?
Even if [You] become enlightened, you also don't want to publicise and don't want ancestral robe?
(This is recorded in one of GM's Dharma speech during a Saturday group cultivation in Seattle Temple! - so there are video evidences & also written ones in True Buddha's website & Weekly news.)

Hahaha! Still remember what GM said?

[You] didn't figured in that GM will Publicise [Your] [Wish]!

With Buddha, never ever [Play Tricks]!

Question: Where did GM [Rescued] you From?

Question: How many times, does GM still needs to [Rescue] you further?

Hahaha! You misbelieve what Lian Lai told you?

GM said: He said then you believe?

As if [You] lack even a wee bit of Wisdom?

GM saves [You] countless times, yet [You] still don't awaken?

Secret Dharma? True Buddha Secret Dharma? Guru Yoga? 
[You] still seem to fail in comprehending?

Still need to Meet GM [In Person, Physically]?

So, you still not clear that [GM is a Buddha] and [Buddha's Abilities/Capabilities]?

Do Treasure this lifetime's affinity with GM, Repent properly, Cultivate [True Buddha Secret Dharma] properly!

The above:Alan Wong, seems to being in the know of how Admin operates!

Year 2013, Seattle – Why deployed a group of fashi to guard & surround Lotuschef? 
Hahaha! If I want to play with you all, I would suddenly stand up and said: Shizun, I have something to say!
Then, what can you all do?

Didn;t GM said that [Those that most Cannot see, are actually more worthy or valuable]?
Hehehe! Again, failed to understand GM's meaning?

GM is a Buddha, thus Naturally Knows All about us! Is this not true?

Fun Play!

[You] best listen to what GM has to say tomorrow and what he will Gifts to all, then listen comprehensively; before you can properly use your heart to cultivate, to propagate dharma!

Shang-shi? GM said already: A teacher that Has Studied with Complete Understanding, then can share or teach others!

Please memorise these: All beings are Equal!
Else, [You] won't be able to reach [success] in [Complete Enlightenment], [You] also won't understand [Bodhicitta]!

Bodhicitta is a characteristic that all Buddhas have inherently!

[You] in this lifetime, still have Spare Time to [Create rumours to wreck havoc]?

Hahaha! Fun! Fun! With Metta!

What [I] do, [You] basically won't understand!
[You] also don't have so much spare time to [Study], to [Understand]!

Best listen properly to GM, which is beneficial to you!

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom

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