Monday, September 15, 2014

Defying Superiors 以下犯上?

Terjemahan Indonesia: Menentang Atasan?

Quoting from 大(摩诃迦叶)师子吼经 Mahasihanada suttam:
四]  迦叶! 或有沙门、婆罗门,聪明、博学,


In the above passage from the Mahasihanada Sutra, Buddha enumerates the qualities or attributes needed for all:

Intelligence; Education & knowledge; fluent in debates; 
much travelled; similar to meticulously threading hairs with good archery skills;
only with wisdom, breaking away all viewpoints.

Others and me, can differentiate as One mind or Not.


GM on Maha Perfection Dharma: all have Buddha nature, all can attain Buddhahood.
All beings are Equal!
When he pays homage to Ghosts or Spirits, he is paying respect to their Inherent Buddha Nature.


Dear all,
When someone said you are disrespectful to Vajra-masters or Shangshi, THIS PERSON does not understand what is Shangshi, agree?

Once again, VMs are teachers of Buddha Dharma.
AND the Criteria is that anyone of these Teachers, MUST KNOW Buddha Dharma and can impart them Comprehensively to help others ease suffering and leave the Transmigration Cycle or Samsaric Cycle!

Alas, as per GM, most have yet to Yoga with Him, and most are greedy for Sentient Materials.

Once again, the TITLE of VM is not for those without relevant "Output"!
As VMs are not functioning in a Sentient Institution!

When anyone expects absolute obedience from others because of a title, This person is Far far away from Enlightenment, agree? 

The allegations of disrespect for Superiors, hurled at Lotuschef?
Remember, One's Body Speech & Mind Exposes One's LACK of relevant attributes or efforts in Cultivation!

And please do bear in mind all Buddha's teachings before you start on a Path of Self Destruction "hor"! 
["hor" - means Okay/Can or not!]

Without Equality mindset, you lack Bodhicitta, the very crucial ingredient to Buddhahood, for as I have shared before, Bodhicitta is the Heart of Buddhas! :)

Ah! O! 
Is it any wonder that Lian Ye wrote a letter to GM saying that in his view, Enlightenment is Nothing Special or Great, and even if he attained Enlightenment, he would like GM not to announce it!

Now Think: His mind is FULL or Filled with scenarios of HIS very own Enlightenment, agree?


Remember that Zen Patriarch, Hui Neng, said that "All Thoughts Are Evil"!

Remember also that last week, 7 September 2014, GM gifted all with "Being Natural" !

Let me tell you now what GM meant when he answered Lian Ye's request during a Saturday's group cultivation session in Seattle Temple:
GM wanted to show all that this student Does Not Understand what is Natural and also this student has failed to achieve Guru Yoga!

When you have achieved Guru Yoga, the scenario is: You will be Functioning AS ONE with Root Guru From Now On!!!

Do you still need to write a letter to GM, your Root Guru? :)
Do you still need to go seek out GM Lu, physically, to ask anything? :)

Hahaha! GOT IT???

Now understand why GM said before you are Fully or Truly Enlightened, DO NOT Criticise Anyone!!!

Now on the other hand, if you Think of your actions as "Showing your lackings, and seeking Answers"; then pay the price of educating you!!!

However, I do enjoy the Occasional "Play Play" with Anyone like LY, WHEN I have the leisure to do so!

Now, in Cultivation perspective, Who is the Superior and Who is the Subordinate?

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom

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