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Noble 8 Fold Path 八正道 – Dharma-chakra 法轮

Above: A wishing star that Pure Karma prepared.
It has 8 "petals" and in the centre is 8 spokes like that of the Dharma-chakra, representing the Noble 8 fold path.

Link: 31-8-2014 GM's Dharma Speech Links

In the above speech, GM also talks about each individual taking charge of Self and have own mind,
not to believe everything one hears and sees, and not to take others' version as the Truth without fully understanding or comprehending what's what!
Quoting Lotuschef in Chat – True/False 是/非:

[ The Doctrine of admin seems to be to dictate and all must comply!


Buddhism is not like this!

GM has stressed again in most recent speeches: Cultivation Depends Solely on Self!

If you don't practise & develop your own mind to reveal your very own Buddha nature, then NO ONE, can do so for you!

GM also said in recent speech that students started to dictate to or control him!

One does not dictate to a Buddha or even attempt to control a Buddha! ]


What does GM wants to teach you?

In Cultivation, You need a Mind of Your very Own!

Stop relying on others to give you "Help"!
Stop believing in "Hear Say"!
Stop spreading any "hear say" without verifying their Truthfulness!
Stop wasting your limited time in this lifetime on frivolous and harmful pursuits, to the Detriment of Self only!

As GM said: A True Yogi is never bothered about anything others chose to say or spread around, be it classified as Good or Bad!
For to this True Yogi, there is NO Good or Bad! :)

Like the recent Assignment [1], where everyone hits out at BB, affixing him with lots of Negative Traits!
Why none of them choose the Boddhicitta Way of looking for Positive Traits in BB?

Most have the Unwholesome Habit of Raising Own's status above others in terms of Intelligence! :)

The Key factor here should be, change own habit to Humbleness and Prioritise others before Self!
This is mindset for Boddhicitta, a Crucial factor or ingredient in all Buddhas!

If you are annoyed at me for your "Failing" in all 3 Assignments, You really need to wake up and buck up!

You lack all the Necessaries to Cultivate to Buddhahood!

**Seeing Pure Light?
Seeing Medium-Blue Light of your own Buddha Nature?
Yidam Merging into you and then Your Merging into Yidam or Universe (入我,我入)?
(GM explained this one in the most recent speech, with links above.) **

Hahaha! All the above ** - **, are way way beyond your reach!

See? You should be angry with Self and not me!
I can always act the Good Person & keep quiet about your problems!
I really don't need to do any "Pointing Out" at anyone! 

Am I talking bad about you, or you, or you?
Hahaha! Think so if you please! 

However, please read the "Pointing Out Instructions" articles, records of Padma Guru's teachings!
There are some shared in this blog too! :)

浓缩口诀 Condensed Keys The The Profound Treasure ...
In "Pointing out instruction", I am Turning the Dharma-chakra 转法轮!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

Please also read the following:
The Pointing-Out Instruction to the Old Lady

Quoting from Wikipedia – Pointing-out Instruction:

The pointing-out instruction is said to be the direct introduction to the nature of mind in the Tibetan Buddhist lineages of Mahāmudrā and Dzogchen

In these traditions, a "root guru" (S. mūlaguru, Wylie: rtsa-ba'i bla-ma, pronounced "tsawey lama") is the master who gives the "pointing-out instruction" in such a way that the disciple successfully recognizes the "nature of mind."

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