Sunday, September 7, 2014

狮子的乐园 The Lion's Playground! [2]

AA: yummy

BB: It's paper stars. Cannot eat la. :)
On closer look, looks like sweets!
[ The cap of this bottle is still Sealed! Therefore, on closer look, it most probably is Star-shaped sweets!]

AA: yep.must be sweets

CC: yes, sugar icing. for fire puja

BB: lovely! I think we should not have more than 100 lotuses as this is our first in HK!
lets wait n see what GM has in store!

CC: :)

BB: today, ordained for 5 years liao. :)
Celebrating lol! :)


CC: what a heartfelt conclusion in the article :)
happy ordination day, fashi dear

BB: Thanks dears

CC: golden haired boy naughtily playing around this world

BB: Hehe. Yes, play play always.

DD: Cheers

BB: :) :) :)
CC, have time go translate the latest post. :)

CC: hihihihi
I remember my friend who admired him said:
he likes to be in his room and rarely comes out, only for presiding over the puja
so he studies and is doing his research all day long

which means that, even studying needs some kind of good karma to get the benefit of what is being studied
and your article just nailed him hor   :) :)

BB: well? he alleged that I am fierce n etc!
Means - done wrong liao still dare to be fierce to VMs! :)

he dares me to show up in front of GM too!
Maybe, when I go taiwan n do that!!! hahaha!

CC: was that a recent message?

BB: he is always sick from lethal illness
GM saves him many times

CC: i still remember he posted something after Central Admin published the letter to fire you

BB: there was once, a plead in facebook for all to help save him. seems he is bleeding profusely n about to die!

BB: As to Admin's letter, I didn't bother what the hell they wish to post!

CC: oh ya ya someone showed me the pic
and he seems to enjoy the torture and loves to publish the mutilated part... what a weird life to live

BB: he is real mad at me too, bcos the Kurukulla mandala was set by him-the one at the exhibition of lanterns for CNY lantern festival . with rectangular and not square table!

O! he claimed that he bore others negatives for them during cultivation! & show the self inflicted wounds.

some are from whips n some from lighted incense sticks! Thats what happen when people invoke the Black & white constables under City gods!

CC: :)

BB: in the facebook dialogue that I posted - the jpeg file with his n others comments.

Then someone asking people not to join our event in HK!
do we need those that listen to them?

CC: woh, so it's fresh from the oven
to be kaypoh really needs a real proof of wisdom of discernment

other wise one would bear a bitter karma from so doing

BB:! since when he Sees with his own eyes n listen with his own ears, am I fierce? :)

and why harp on VMs being appointed or affirmed by GM? 
Has Gm said that all VMs are able to achieve Guru Yoga?

GM said all of them HAS YET TO YOGA WITH ME!

CC: i didn't remember who told me this:

at 5 am in the morning, i saw GM in the roof of my room (perhaps he wanted to say he has achieved guru yoga)

then at one time he didn't listen to GM, and GM didn't appear to him any longer, he had to beg Golden Mother so that GM would come to him again

well, i think LY is somewhat a complicated character, plus he was put to be a VM. 
It unlocks a potential problem if he doesn't know how to behave properly

BB: ya. The VM title entails great responsibilities!
#2 also dare not hit at me now! Yet this fool still does!

GM also clearly states that many VMs has yet to yoga with him. 
Yet people still blindly believe these fakes!

most still don't understand the Difference between a Buddhist assembly & that of a sentient organisation!!! :)

lianye thinks that if he sees the Enlightenment endorsement by GM lightly, then GM will think he is not greedy n gives it to him? hahaha!

our #2 got the pronouncement of being enlightened, with GM saying I gave it to him & lineage gurus said enlightenment cannot tell!

Shall I write a sequel to this post?

CC: fashi, you play2 with LY lol
BB: done one liao!

CC: yes

BB: now onto another interesting topic of Lions!

CC: just read the blanc et noir constables :)

BB: next the lion's roar!  :)

Buddha said: not enlightened then don't attempt to teach others!

LY has wondered into the Lion's playground!!! :)
He said that i am fierce, so lets show him FIERCE!!! Hahaha!

CC: :) :) :)
actually yesterday i have finished one other articles, but i have to do the rest of the related
let me post this one first and continue with the Chance [7]
will be back to the corresponding ones afterwards

BB: up to you la!
we are having fun!

Interesting that one ignorant rabbit will wander into the Lion's playground, once in a while! :)
We had him for "Dinner"! How evil are we!!!

CC: kinda unbelievable that a doctorate degree doesn't have a wide vista when he is stepping in the realm of buddha dharma
Degree really not a guarantee

BB: Yup. Degree also means nothing!
LY also thinks his degree can advance him somehow!


Dear all, when you think you can see GM for a while and then stopped and then you go beg Jin-mu to let GM come to you again, WHAT exactly are you doing?

YOU didn't listen well to GM! 
Hehe! GM said that Once you achieved Guru Yoga & he being your Root Guru, HE will never ever leave you!!!
Also you will never do unwholesome things that causes GM to leave you!


Making light of the Affirmation of Enlightenment by one's root guru, attempting to show One is not greedy and all out for Titles, Adulations, Power, Control, Wealth,...etc.?
You can't ever Fool a Buddha!

In the Lion's Roar, what is Buddha's Key to Freedom from Samsaric Cycle?

Beware when you affixed Unwholesome behaviours to Someone that You don't really understand or know about too! 
Lying or creating Falsehood is a Breach of one of the 5 Major precepts! 

Depending on the Harm you caused, the Karmic Return corresponds in Multiplied Magnitude of the Original Action in Strength! 

O! GM said that VMs are out to get money from others too!
Once they know you are rich or with big money in lottery, they will swarm or harass you no end! 

I said these before: Why should I sponsor someone's chapter when HE keeps telling me that His sponsors are in disputes and he lost all sponsors?

It means that his chapter as Sakyamuni Buddha said to GM, became Hell!

There is Disharmony! 
Would you throw Good Money into Hell?
Obviously NOT! 

Once again, my take of Building Temples -- If this temple to be build will benefit more sentient beings than in another location, ALL Divinities will BUILD this temple for you!

From another angle: Do you need a temple to propagate Dharma at all?

What has Pure Karma done?
Propagate Dharma Virtually online! :)

Academic Degrees? Mastery of Chinese Language?
Then why did GM said: If you understand well & good, if not then never mind?

It is Fact that most don't understand what GM shares! 
And sad to say that these Most, consisted of people who have Mastery of the Chinese Language! 

Now our 6th Zen Patriarch, reverend Hui Neng, is Illiterate! :)
So, we can conclude that being literate also won't serve you much good if you don't have the "Right" ingredients like Affinity & Purity & Boddhicitta, agree?

A person that invoke Hell Spirits or Deities?
Why do they get whipped?
Seems the Black & White constables like to smoke Opium! 
Drink liquors too!

When they "Arrived" and found their favourites lacking, the "medium" get whipped or burn with bunches of lighted incense! 

When you are stuck with people who can only invoke spirits, then Good Luck to you too!

O! I have long shown that Admin's letter of delisting from their TBS' list, is of no importance too!

Hahaha! They should go deal with the Ones that hired Black Magic Spells to harm GM Lu instead!
O! Maybe, they can't do that as they are the Culprits! :)

Sad they didn't listen to GM properly and thus continue to roll in Sentient Mud! 

Read and try to understand the Flower Adornment Sutra, for you can then come play in the Lion's Playground! :)

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom

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