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师尊讲解 [自作自受]GM Explains [One Bears One's Deeds]

In the above speech on 27-9-2014, Seattle Time; GM explains why he bestowed a Buddha Title on Lian Jie (Discipline) who later betrayed him.
This is a 蜜义 Secret Meaning!

      Sun, 4:38 PM
    Lotuschef: O! GM talks about naming Lian Jie - discipline, Wei Guang Fo.

    he didn't do wrong, as Sakyamuni buddha also name Devadatta who betrayed him later, with a buddha title before the betrayal.

    GM explains that each one has Buddha nature n when they paid up for their karmic debts, they can come to realisation with Boddhicitta n attain buddha hood

    so tok chef compared me with lian discipline has to eat his words liao

    GM said this is secret meaning.

    Lotuschef: you see! what I told them about vajrasattva practice being the beginning n ultimate, no one wants to hear!

    Best it comes from GM.

    n part in true buddha sutra about pure body speech mind & no thoughts, at this stage a person is a Buddha
    he even explain what cultivation is actually too!
    hahaha! Thats Maha Perfection Dharma! The beginning n ultimate from adibuddha to vajrasattva!

    AA: hahaha people just don't bother to do some research
    only waiting to hear

    Lotuschef: but hear from me also not happy as GM never said so clearly, so I can't tell first lol! :)

    AA: the beauty of this world  :)

    Lotuschef: the green-lighted thingy forms a sort of honeycomb
    i can see it with my eyes close
    like stay there liao

    today's speech is simple but very very important!
    [Devadatta (Sanskrit and Pali: देवदत्त devadatta; Sinhalese: දේවදත්ත; Burmese: ေဒဝဒတ္; Thai: เทวทัต Thewathat; Chinese: 提婆達多; Japanese: 提婆達多 Daibadatta; Vietnamese: Đề-Bà-Đạt-Đa) was by tradition a Buddhist monk, cousin and brother-in-law of Gautama Siddārtha, the Śākyamuni Buddha, and brother of Ānanda, a principal student of the Buddha. Devadatta was a Shakyan and is said to have parted from the Buddha's following with 500 other monks to form their own Sangha, most of whom are said to have been Shakya clan relatives of both Devadatta and Siddhartha.
    Link: ]
Tok Chef 我祈請偉大的師尊佛光注照蓮廚法師的心,讓她懂她現在 發生何事,祈請真佛護法引蓮廚法師回歸正途。
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Tok Chef 讚嘆师尊佛慧
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Tok Chef 淨業同修會,师尊果然有先見之明。
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Tok Chef 师尊果然有先見之明
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Tok Chef 蓮廚 是师尊賜名,結果。。。。
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Tok Chef 蓮戒 是师尊賜名,結果 連連犯戒。
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Tok Chef 你那一點像師尊?
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Tok Chef 你批評“真佛護法園地”师尊是讚嘆護法同門
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Tok Chef 還見神見鬼。。。
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Tok Chef 護法的同門都給你批到一文不值了。。。。。。
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Tok Chef 那麽關於“真佛護法園地”請問我要聼師尊還是你的話?
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In the above, we see "Tok Chef" sort of ridiculing GM for bestowing me with "Lotuschef" & "Pure Karma"; at the same instant alluding "Lotuschef" is the same as "Lian Jie - Lotus Discipline" whom this ignorant "tok chef" states as (Lotus Discipline, continue to breach Disciplines!)

It is now prudent to read the garbages that our "tok chef" wrote, agree?

We can now firmly deduced that "tok chef" and all those with Like Mindsets Have Yet to be onto even Yana 1 too!

So the delist Lotuschef from TBS' reverend listing from Core & its chairperson, also proved to be a frivolous and ignorant act of Sentient Mindset that still dwells fully on Dualism!


What I wrote about those from "I love GM" forum and the "6-ears monkey" ones about "All of them being the Ultimate sentient beings that I have to succor" ; No Difference as to whether they are from the self proclaimed "Good" or "Evil" forums!

Middle Path Dharma?

Dualism will lead you astray from Bodhi Path, whereas Middle Path Dharma will lead you to Nirvana!

Go listen to GM's speech and hopefully you will realised that YOU have gone on a Longer route to eventual Nirvana!

Now! Realised why Lotuschef Do not need you to apologise for whatever you hurled?

You are solely responsible for all results or outcome of you own deeds! 


O! As per GM, Maha Perfection Dharma is transmitted and deeply embedded into his "Consciousness" by Padmasambhava when when he was King Trisong Detsen.

Ah! Padmasambhava gives this kind of deep rooted or embedded Abhiseka!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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