Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Kings Makers 创造[皇]的人


In recent dramas watched, these are some scenarios:

1. To win sympathy votes, one candidate killed his ex-wife who is campaigning for him. 
In the show, instead of being the obvious loser in this campaign, he won the election!
However, the Law caught on and instead of Winning, he lose everything!

2. Korean drama -  Hong Gil Dong, brought the prince to the throne and have him crowned King.
Sentient mindsets then set in and the King, being fearful of loosing his throne, kills Hong Gil Dong!

If you have read some Histories of ancient empires, you can also go dig out how each arises and then destroyed.
All by Sentient beings' mindsets and actions influenced by the various poisons like Greed; Aversion; Ignorance; to maintain Ego, Pride, Status, .....

This article receives the "Go-ahead" too from GM 2 days ago.

Question: Do you truly understand "renunciation" 

THINK: if so, why do you still crave the Dharma King title?

If you are truly Enlightened, why do you have "racial discrimination" against those with "dark skin"?

When GM named a successor, why can't you see through this matter?


GM said many lay-students cultivate well on the quiet without broadcasting their successes!
What is GM trying to teach You? :)

My humble advice: 
Steer clear of those that Use you for their $$$ grabbing agendas; 
If you truly have 3rd eye ability then use them to steer clear of those already into the 3 lower realms;
Trust and believe in GM Lu, Absolutely!

O! you can save those into the 3 lower realms later, when affinity arises!

I have not mention any names in this article.
However, I might do so when Need arises! 

Look closely at those that I have named though, if you have 3rd eye ability, you should be able to "See" what I mean. :)

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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