Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Boog 无题

Dear Faishi

I read with curiosity on yr blog about AA comments : AA: I dun wan H n S to bear more karma too? Any idea what's this?

( AA: I dun wan H n S to bear more karma too
[AA is of the view that leaving fire puja supplies to spoil, those that somehow brought this about have to bear karma for wastage.
Sometime, things happened for a reason and we can't halt events.
As such, my time schedule not able to use up these supplies before claims of lack of time to help with fire puja were announced by some party. 
So wastage created by this sudden turn of event is beyond my control. ]

Lotuschef Lama: Just tell H to throw away those stuff that spoiled. )

[[ http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=boog

The word Boog used by this student should be An Enigma! :)

Now S has confidences that she is not supposed to leak to H.
These confidences came from her presence with Lotuschef and some fellow students while in Taiwan early this year.

H's partner, LC, revealed part of these confidences saying he heard from H! 

However, LC's statements were totally off course! 
LC said to me that as per H, Lotuschef fears being "chase out"! 

Although you can "Buy" some reverends' or Masters' allegiance; for Lotuschef this won't work.:)

I think what is already shared in this blog is sufficient for Anyone to build firm foundations and cultivate well.
Therefore, I am also spending more time on research and less with leading cultivation or hosting events!

So I am actually fulfilling GM's directives for me to move about and not be tie down by any temple; groups; etc.....

Dear all, 
Once again, cultivation depends solely on Self efforts!
If you do not like to learn from me, it is fine!
Also, unlike other reverends or vajramasters, having GM's guidance is the only necessity for Lotuschef.

Now, from another angle: Lotuschef is not obligated to spend time with anyone or teach anyone!
So all back to Affinity that Buddha shared.


AA: people never realised that my time is also Precious but think that I need their support!

i watched GM's speech this morning, he said talking bad about Hui jun is actually blessing her!

so that answers the one that wrote n told GM not to named individuals at fault publicly but tell them privately

BB: hahaha yes, got more blessing
like mr. lau

AA: gm kept at the VM's' greediness for $$ that belongs to others

especially those that won big money from lottery

BB: he reiterated it again hor

AA: ya. Maha perfection is the ultimate n these people still busy n stuck in sentient mud!

Chatting with GM this morning, after hearing the speech, GM & I laughed at those that specially make so much ceremony about requesting for Maha Perfection Dharma explanation from GM!

Well, turns out all the Truths are too much for them! They just don't have anything to even cross Yana 1!

BB: this is still the preliminaries of the golden dharma of maha perfection

maybe GM wants them to ponder at the preliminaries first

AA: GM stressed Middle path in this session
just this topic covers lots

BB: the underlying concepts are quite direct and requires a sound foundation



Do you agree that GM knows best about who needs what? 

Is Pointing Out harmful to the Individual?

Your choice to view it whichever way you please!

O! Remember that Your Body Speech Mind, reveals the Real You!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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