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30-8-2014 师尊赐予的机会 Chances Given By GM [4C] - Gold Bars 金条

Above: Screen-shot from this session.


08/30/2014 Nine Stages Dharma of the Great Perfection Dzogchen by Grand Master Lu-Ling Shen Ching Tze Temple

I have shared some highlights of today's speech in 3 previous articles!

Another is of interest which most took at Surface View and didn't co-relate its Relevance.

A much shared topic in this blog: Offering!

Remember that GM Lu is a Living Buddha always! :)

As such, everything he shares is Dharani which consists of sutra & mantra!

Now the Fun begins! :)

GM recollected a visit to India with his usual entourage of VMs, Lamas, fellow students.

Amongst this whole group, all had Food poisoning resulting in Diarrhoea and much discomfort.

Only GM escaped this problem and as he recounted, his motion is Gold bars 金条.

Hahaha! All would laughed and that's all there is to this story.

Alas, lets exercise our Brain or Mind now!

The Offering Procedure:-

1. Purify Food with Hand Mudra; Visualization; then Chant relevant mantra.

2. Invoke Root Guru, and all Divinities; all heavenly beings and beings of the 6-realms, to do Great Mandala Offering by Hand Mudra; Visualization; then Chant relevant mantra.

3. Then completion. We can then partake of the food offered at will.

The above story about Food Poisoning has been shared many times by GM, but how many of you Rationalised it with Cultivation of Making Offering sincerely and correctly?

GM telling all of us that most didn't do Offering properly or the Cleansing & Purifying of Food offered properly or correctly, thats why Food Poisoning!

Through all these time, Have anyone of you approached GM and ask him to teach you How to do Offering properly?

You laugh upon hearing this "joke" all the time, or every time that GM recounts this episode.

You failed to realise that GM is giving you a chance to learn and do Offering properly!

Now, realised why GM said if you understand what he shares, Well & Good!
If you don't understand, Never mind!

Hahaha! Are you one of those that Don't understand?   

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom

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