Sunday, July 6, 2014

Consistency 一致性

Hello Fashe, watched your live cast yesterday night after got the link from JH via email. 

I watched from the beginning until the last Vajrasattva sadhana session (closing session) but got disconnected in the last discussion session. 

This morning I tried to practice one time what you have shared yesterday, and somehow I sense a happy feeling after cultivating, different from previous ones. 

I can sit down more straight and concentrated more in the samadhi session after 21x of Vajrasattava mantra. 

I hoped from now I can cultivate alone based on what you shared seriously, with discipline, and consistent, and sincerity. Thanks.


I am glad that you picked up enough to cultivate more effectively.

However, remember GM's words, One has to be Consistent, and not do a while then Stop.

Cultivation is a 24/7 thingy that one does all the time, benefitting Self as well as All Beings.

Have you picked up the relax n joyful atmosphere created from the start thru end of the session?

It is important to be in the Right Frame of Mine & Transforming One's surrounding to suit One!

If you have any questions on cultivation, will be glad to help you out to the Best of my ability n knowledge.

Please join us again!

We also have to thank Lotus RD for setting up the Live cast, enabling sharing worldwide. :)

Ask for the Live Cast Link again by Friday if JH forgets to email to you before that.

Cheers and Happy Cultivating!

Dear all,
hope those that tuned in to our Live Cast yesterday have picked up relevant tips to cultivate better.

We will post the Link to yesterday's Live Cast soon. Enjoy then!


Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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