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4 Criteria For Cultivation Success 成功修行的4要

Hi 蓮廚法師 Lianchu Fashi,
Congratulations on yr 1st Live Broadcast! I joined was educational,fun and relax
to learn and cultivate all together!

But u know what!
It was Hawaii 12:30am, (yr 6:30pm) I crawled up in the mid if the nite to join u folks!
But I have to be honest... I tried my best to stay up until yr 8:30pm, while u guys were still chanting the 百字明 100 syllable mantra, right after the first break!
I just couldn't make my eyes open... I finished the rest of the 修法 Culitvation and went to sleep! :-(

So, just want to know if u have recording, or can we review it? I guess fashi and 同們 fellow student will have some sharings or discussions after同修 group cultivation! So, just wonder if there is any chance to view/ share them again!

Congratulations again, and thanks for sharing the link with me!



Pure Karma Cultivation of Vajrasattva Repentance

5-7-2014 Vajrasattva Repentance & Purification Practice

This is RAW, unedited version.


I edited it because tongmen were walking up and down and making a lot of noise during my dharma sharing!

有对[法]不敬。[There is Disrespect for Dharma].

I was sharing this article which are teachings of 蓮师 Padma Guru.

Disciplines of Mind 心之戒律

Shared by Lama Lotuschef 蓮厨喇嘛分享

in taoism - one practice the body 道家修身

in buddhism - one practice the Heart 佛家修心

So Heart is the Mind! 心就是思维

GM said visualization is all dependent on the Mind 师尊说过观想全靠思维

thats your heart lol 那就是心

when you don‘t look for complicated stuff, thinking difficult means the real thing, the simple stuffs are the true gems 当你寻找复杂的,认为复杂等于真实,简单的才是珍宝

cheers & enjoy the videos


为何修行 Why Cultivate?


[[ S's place air con cooler.
T's place hotter
energy fields different

B: air con has a great influence
i can be a bit suffocated in a warm place

A: has. I need cool n fresh air
hot n closed up , then energy won't move
affects my "astral powers" :)
but I overcome it.   ]]

密教大光华 The Brightness of Tantrayana - written by GM.
This is a very good guide for beginners and also the veteran to refer to.
It is also a good refreshener for all students of Tatrayana or Vajrayana too!

WHY bring this one up?


There are 4 Criteria for Successful cultivation that GM shared.
1. Resources
2. Good Guru who is an affirmed True Yogi
3. Cultivation Buddy or partner
4. A conducive environment to cultivate

Let us say we have Item 1 to 3, as stated above.

Now [A conducive environment to cultivate]? :)

GM elaborated the Conducive Environment already, please go look that up if you are sincere in proper cultivation.

Why don't just share? -- because of moving house, I can't find all my books! 
Perhaps those that have the book can scan the pages and share with us. :)

Anyway, I want to talk about Energy Flow of this Conducive Environment.

I think, scientifically speaking, the Air temperate; the amount of Oxygen versus Carbon Dioxide; and the Air movement, Brightness; are what is Conducive for Life! :)

Below: Cultivation in SG LZS.

Below: Cultivation at Loading Bay of an industrial estate.

Below: Cultivation in S' place or residence.

Below: Cultivation in T's place or residence.

Noticed any differences? :)

Yes! There are very minute differences in Lotuschef's aura between the 3 above and the one in T's place!

Hahaha! The energy flow during this latest session on 5-7-2014, is a little bit "Cramped"!

T was also "disturbed" during the chanting of 100 syllable mantra.
At the end, when asked to conclude the session with dedication and etc.; he was stuck and as he said: his mind is void and white 脑袋一片空白!

Yes! A yogi is very sensitive to Energy in the Immediate Environment!

What are factors affecting the Energy in a given environment?
1. The Temperature
2. Air movements
3. Air Quality
4. Brightness
5. The Individual's energy of each person present

In group cultivation, each Individual contributed a part to influence the Energy of the Cultivation Venue.

Why was I slightly affected?

Hehe! In group cultivation, I normally watch over the attendees and give them help or boost of energy when necessary!

However, once I shut them out and just continue to be a Lighted Lamp, my aura returned to rosy & shinning.

So, the problem is directing Energy at "Selected Individuals" which is Segregation, Differentiation, which is not Maha Boddhicitta of For All without Segregation or Differentiation!
Therefore less rosy and shiny!

NOW, why the Disrespect for Dharma?

The negative energy present that session was really High!
A lot of "negative" came with certain Individuals, not only those physically present but also through those that tuned into the Live Cast!

Yes! In the first Live Cast, we only have 2 students that are able to link up.

However, in this 5-7-2014 session, we have at least 50 from all over the world.

SEE now what is "Conducive Environment"?

Even those that tuned into Live Cast contributed to the Energy Quality of the Cultivation Session.


That is why Each Individual needs to first cleanse & purify their karmic negatives, before being able to progress to next level in cultivation.

I am glad though that the Effect of Repentance & Purification can also be shared to those joining the cultivation through Live Cast!

Everything works to Maintain Universal Balance!

Therefore the Negative that Flows in Through Live Cast, get Cleanse & Purified, and Positive Flows Outwards, back to the respective Individuals.

So if you follow and cultivate with sincerity and truly repentant, you will be cleanse and purify with diligent and continuous practice.

That's why I encourage all to watch GM's Live Cast! 
Even through the virtual channels, you can participate fully and GM will bless you corresponding to your Sincerity input!

Core should share GM's cultivation recordings from the start and not just the Dharma Speech part only.
It is only recently that they also share videos of the Cultivation part.

O! Maybe they realized that there is finally advancement in Technology to also share the whole cultivation session as well!

I sincerely hope that Core would also dig out the recordings from earlier days and begin to share these too with all!

O! The large amount of money collected for the proposed lawsuit should be re-directed to Propagate Authentic Buddha Dharma perhaps by tidying up all GM's video recording and share them online with all, Free of Charge!

When $$$ is your only consideration, as per Padma Guru or Guru Rinpoche, You Do Not Know True Dharma & Never even close as well!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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