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訶責神通 Vehemently Criticise Astral Power

Terjemahan Indonesia: Mengkritik Penyalahgunaan Kesaktian Astral
Source: 蓮生活佛著作盧勝彥文集184_給你點上心燈訶責神通

English Translation by Lotuschef.
Note: I will try my best to translate comprehensively. :)
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During Sakyamuni's lifetime, he traveled along the whole Ganges river expounding Dharma, and successfully received great influence.

Buddha had 2 matters that were anathema to habitual practices of that era:

1. Broke the 4 surname classification (castes), and sanction Equality. Sangha (Brahmans); Aristocrats (Kshatryas); Merchants (Vaisyas); Slaves (Sudras); to be Equal.

2. Accepting females into the Sangha Assembly, but Bhikkhuni's has many folds more strict disciplines than those of Bhikkhu's.

As Buddha's followers increased greatly, and Buddha Dharma being exceptional and supreme, coupled with overthrowing the habitual practices of that era, it naturally drew much jealousy and animosity from opposing sectors, slanders and plots; lots of conspiracies also resulted from these.

At times, Buddha would maintain a silent stance and at other he would refute their ideology; all these relied on [Prajna] Buddha Dharma's worthiness, employing Wisdom's worth to triumph over the opponents.

Sariputra, Maudgalyayana, and all senior disciples, did likewise as Buddha, employing [Prajna] to debate with opposing religious sectors.

Buddha did not widely encourage the use of [Astral Power] to propagate Buddha Dharma, and had vehemently criticised [Pindola] for this matter.

(The Pindola story is known to all.)

However, Buddha and all his senior disciples would only use [Astral Power] in [Extraordinary] circumstances, especially at Shravasti when dealing with the 6 groups of Tirthika where they had used [Astral Power].

Astral Power should be use when there is Meaningful Purpose.

When there is not any meaningful purpose, don't use it.

[Astral Power] is not the eventual [Ultimate] of Buddha Dharma, it's only Buddha Dharma's convenience only.

Just like Devadatta who learned [Astral abilities] but entered Evil Path, and instead fell into Hell to suffer.

As per what I know, Sakya Tathagata's [Astral Power] was not small, for example:

1. Finally attained True Realisation --- with 41 Dharmakaya Maha-purisa (no form), expounding Buddhatrata's Flower Adornment Great Dharma (Enlightening Dharma); this just is Great Astral Power, unfathomably mysterious.

2. [Buddha-carita-kavya sutra] recorded this: a boat-man refused to ferry Buddha across the Ganges, asking for boat-fare, and at that time World Supreme One sighted a flock of wild geese flying from South to North of Ganges river. 
He uttered this verse:

"I should use Astral power to spread wings and fly like the Wild Geese in the sky."

Thus Buddha flew across the Ganges River.

From then on, this boat-man did not ask for fare from [Ordained Personnels] any longer.

3. Documented in [the Sutra of Karma], Buddha subdued Poisonous dragon, to succour [Kassapa of Uruvela].
World Supreme One entered into Fire Light Samadhi. 
Poisonous dragon emited smoke, World Supreme One emited smoke; poisonous dragon emitted fire, World Supreme One emitted fire.
Kassapa and his disciples, upon seeing that the World Supreme One did not get burned by the fire's touch, but on the other hand used it to subdue poisonous dragon, they took refuge then.

4. [Lalitavistara Sutra] documented, World Supreme One arrived at Nairanjanadi (a river), employing Astral ability, broke the water and order it to stay, thus the river's water parted, and could walk on the river bed. These resulted in succouring 500 people.

5. [Precious Collection Sutra / Miscellaneous Jewels Sutra] (classified under the Agama) documented, when Buddha succoured Sundarananda. Sundarananda was reluctant to part with the beauty of his wife. 
Buddha employing astral ability brought him to Heaven and let him see the beauties of the Heaven realm, then journeyed into Hell, explaining when Heavenly merits had been used up, Sundarananda would enter Hell.
Upon seeing these, Sundarananda then became ordained.

6. [Moonlight Kumara Sutra] documented, Senior Shen-ri used poisonous rice in attempt to harm Buddha, Buddha emitted the dominating light, to convince him, and also transformed the 6 masters and 96 categories of Thirtikas; emitting great brightness that the fire pits became water ponds, big lotus appeared, and poisonous rice became not poisonous. This succoured many to take refuge.

[Wise & ignorant relationship sutra / Sutra on The Wise and The Foolish] documented, the 6 groups of Thirtikas competed with Buddha in Astral Power. Buddha only extended his arm, using his hand to press down on his seat and consequently the seats of the 6 groups were disintegrated by 5 big Divine Kings; the Vajras of Secret Trace using Dorje to emit fire, hit the 6 groups' heads, resulting in all teachers and disciples begging for forgiveness in repentance.

8. [Precious collection sutra / Miscellaneous Jewels Sutra] documented, when Buddha was in Kosambi, a Brahman had helps from people to wield sword to kill Buddha, Buddha exhibited Astral Power by becoming invisible and flying into the Universal Void; those who helped the Brahman threw away their swords and took refuge.

Sakya Tathagata, as documented in many sutras, exhibited countless times with use of meaningful astral powers to succour all beings, to subdue Thirtikas & etc. 
Therefore astral power is used for the sake of all beings, to subdue Thirtikas, if not for these, one cannot any how use it.

As to Meaningless astral power, one cannot use, this is to prevent causing worldly people from being confused and deluded by astral power, hence mistakenly entering evil pathways.

恒河(梵文:गङ्गा,印地语:गंगा,乌尔都语:گنگا‎(Ganga)IPA: [ˈɡəŋɡaː]( 聆听);泰米尔语:கங்கை,孟加拉语:গঙ্গা Gônga,玄奘译为殑伽河)是南亚的一条主要河流,流经印度北部及孟加拉。恒河源头帕吉勒提河(the Bhagirathi R.)和阿勒格嫩达河(Alaknanda)发源自印度北阿坎德邦根戈德里等冰川,它横越北印度平原(即恒河平原),流经北方邦,会合其最大支流亚穆纳河,再流经比哈尔邦西孟加拉邦,最后它分为多条支流注入孟加拉湾,其中一条是加尔各答附近的胡格利河,而主要的一条是进入孟加拉国帕德玛河,进入孟加拉国后,会合布拉马普特拉河。在孟加拉国境内的下游贾木纳河,注入孟加拉湾,其入海河段称为梅格纳河。支流布拉马普特拉河及其以上部分不算在内,恒河长为2,510公里,流域面积91万平方公里,达国土面积的三分之一,恒河也为世界河水流量前20大的河流之一[4]。恒河流域为世界上最多人口居住的河流流域,共有4亿以上人口居住于恒河流域,人口密度达每平方英里1000人以上[5]

The Ganges (/ˈɡænz/ gan-jeez), also Ganga (Hindi: गंगा; Bengali: গঙ্গা ; Sanskrit: गङ्गा) (Hindustani pronunciation: [ˈɡəŋɡaː] gung-ga), is a trans-boundary river of Asia which flows through India and Bangladesh. The 2,525 km (1,569 mi) river rises in the western Himalayas in the Indian state of Uttarakhand, and flows south and east through the Gangetic Plain of North India into Bangladesh, where it empties into the Bay of Bengal. It is the third largest river by discharge.

The Ganges is the most sacred river to Hindus.[4] It is also a lifeline to millions of Indians who live along its course and depend on it for their daily needs.[5] It is worshipped as the goddess Ganga in Hinduism.[6] It has also been important historically, with many former provincial or imperial capitals (such as Pataliputra,[7] Kannauj,[7] Kara, Kashi, Allahabad, Murshidabad, Munger, Baharampur, Kampilya, and Kolkata) located on its banks.

The Ganges was ranked as the fifth most polluted river of the world in 2007.[8] Pollution threatens not only humans, but also more than 140 fish species, 90 amphibian species and the endangered Ganges river dolphin.[8] The Ganga Action Plan, an environmental initiative to clean up the river, has been a major failure thus far,[9][10][11] due to corruption, lack of technical expertise,[12] poor environmental planning,[13] and lack of support from religious



Whew! Took me about 2 hours to get this article translated!

I hope you all can enjoy it and learn from it.

Don't chase Astral Powers! 

In the article: 自然 Naturally and in GM's speeches, Astral power or ability is something that occurs or appears naturally.
Those who are in 6th level and above of Boddhisattvahood, naturally have Astral power.


Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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