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竟無一物動我心 Nothing Can Move My Heart

GM's literary collection> 65 The Great Zen Shock > Nothing Can Move My Heart

Above statements:

What is Life?
I replied this way which is very very accurate and true:
[Karma], this word must understand,
[Karma], one word resolved all.
Buddha said: Life is all about Karmic returns!

Recently, a regretful feeling arose, I became unmoved by all matters & materials, no matter their goodness; beauty; temptation and lure; just can't affect me to put time & effort into chasing and possessing them.

I am surprised, I seem to have become a [moron] that realised all matters.

I recalled in earlier days, seeing a couplet at Wufeng's Wan Fo Temple:

Rather move thousand rivers' waters.

Refrain from disturbing the heart of One on the Path (means a cultivator or yogi). 

I have some realisation at that time from this couplet, as if [towards One that wish to steadfastly cultivate, we should not tempt him, do not spoil his disciplined practices.

But, Now! Realisation scenario is different, this couplet in my point of view has no effect on me, I can only say that [I am without Heart already], a person without Heart, how can be roused?

Someone asked me: 

Don't love Gold?

Gold is like earth & poo (faeces), loan to you to stationary look at for few decades.

Don't love Diamond?

Diamond is like rubbles, have no benefit for me.

Don't love Lands?

Sleep on 7 feet at night, have more for what?

Don't love money?

Enough for use is fine, using wrongly then like poisonous snake, disputes arises from them.

Don't like women?

Dyed by Love, hard to purify Path's Heart.

[In the above, GM enumerates the various rare and costly gifts that didn't affect or move his heart at all. He seems to have become a [person without heart], no fixated on all matters and materials.]

[In the above, GM said he gone through numerous reincarnations, sometimes as human, as animals, all these Past lives, just like Bubble dreams. All confusedly lost in sea of Life & Death.

Today, I achieved purity, all nature & spirit are pure, actually no birth and also no destruction, all clear and understood, I view Gold as earth & poo; Diamond as rocks; land as sentient dust; money as sheets of paper; beauty as skeleton;....

I have discovered that these things, are all by products and if fixated or attached to them for prolong periods, will pollute my original purity, resulting in returns of all suffering, never ever able to break free from this Samsaric cycle.

[True nature] then is true.

All others are by products of Illusion.

Now, I am like in deep and steadfast meditation of secretive solitary void, returned to origin, no exist and don't exist, my non abiding thus no birth mindset, active or inactive the same, fully in control of Great which engulf all 10 directions, Tiny which includes fine dust, like all a spread of clear illusion, all thoughts unhindered, truly unimaginable, and hard to imagine.

This natural phenomenon, this No human form, No Self form, No sentient beings form, No Life form, void all 4 forms, eliminate 3 hearts. Disintegrate.

I deeply understand the shortness of life span, all glory and wealth, fame and benefits, all are dreams of the night, or frost of the ninth moon. 

Life is all void, all with forms will be lost, there is actual none that can be possess, most people's lives passed as all imaginary possessed and lost!

I admire Maha Kassapa's [Dhuta Asceticism], contentedly attained  leisurely touring of heaven and earth.

I admire Tao Yuan Ming's [ Harvesting Chrysanthemum under the Eastern fence, leisurely sight Southern mountain].

For me, all are void or empty, no attain and no loss, no fixation or attachment, resulting in my getting Zen (as in meditation) happiness or joy.

Zen is one that surpasses wealth worthy poor inferior; poverty through possess lost, ups downs success failure; beauty ugly kind evil; all won't strike thought in my heart.

My Heartless, this Heartless is equivalent to 3 thousands big thousands world that is my heart! 
 冸 Disintegrate

I think of [all can't bring away, only one's karmic deeds follow one.]

This [Heartless], thusly can understand the Zen's true flavor.



GM quote a part from this poem by Tao Yuan Ming's collection, poem 5 of the Drinking Wine collection. 

Remember GM gave this phrase as a Key to Buddhahood?
[无心道人] - a person without a Heart on the cultivation path.

Oct 8, 12:31 PM
PP: Fashi calling AA! Fashi calling AA! Nanu nanu! :) :) :)

AA: hallo hallo :)

PP: Remember mock n Mindy?

AA: hahahaha
olddddd stuffff

PP: Nanu nanu! Out!

AA: :)

Oct 9, 4:45 PM
AA: is 中土 China or Turkey?

PP: China la.

AA: okies
because the translator says it's turkey
need to clarify with you :)

PP: No. Bodhisattva dharma went to China, right?

AA: he passed the silk route

PP: China is called central land or plains. Zhong tu or Zhong yuan

I like the kasaya one that I just posted :)

AA: zen stuff, fashi dear
you're grinding people's brains :)

PP: Hehe! They said I Chinese no good bcos I come from English stream.
So I will show them no need good Chinese like them, especially the taiwanese! 
When you have basic concepts of yoga, u can explain zen well!

What a bombardment!!!

AA: agree  :)

PP: Seems the Zen stuff no one attempts to translate

the one about smoke offering can wenshi must have influenced some to do likewise! 
Those that like to Wenshi

AA: hahaha now they can wenshi independently

PP: amituofo! :) :) :)

i guess thats why some still doing smoke offering despite my advice! probably hope to be another unique case then can show off!

smoke offering became Methods of sentient convenience!

GM's article hopefully can help educate some n wake them up!

as for some, not likely!

AA: hahaha
they are really something

BB: i took some time to observe them while folding papers
and i got an impression that he is really someone who loves to be unique and show off
eyes and the way he talked really gave off that impression

PP: well, his eyes darts around to observe the reaction of each of you from his words!
like a liar trying to get thru lying

DD: fashi dear
what does this part mean?


the little white house and the free massage

PP: have not guiyi already got punished or penalised. the guru alleged GM is a criminal n GM was strip and check out fully!

Tue, 11:21 AM
PP: has anyone translated the articles from rainbow body attainment?
if have then I won't do them liao
only pick some phrases from certain articles n share

Are you still coming over in November with your friend to see doctor?
Need cornflakes cookies liao. MC loves them too

Can they pack bigger boxes n not the small ones.

AA: i haven't seen the translation for rainbow body attainments

seems no one translates from mahamudra topics

we cancelled the plan on nov



Dear all, the gate of Zen is One that all has to cross into Enlightenment and ultimate Buddhahood or Nirvana.

Therefore, I am not JUST starting with a Bombardment of Zen, but have been doing so from the beginning, little that most realised only!

Cheers All.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom

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