Sunday, October 5, 2014

尽在不言中 All Within Speechless Silence [1]

Quoting from B.154 The Aura of Wisdom [Ch.22] Liberal Authentication:

[ The last authentication is, `The doctrines of inner realization attained by the Dharmakaya Tathagata cannot be fathomed even by bodhisattvas who have attained the Stage of Buddha Enlightenment. 
It is only known between buddhas.` ]

When GM gives moding blessing, he told us that he chants his Principal Yidam's mantra while doing so.
Invoking one's yidam is necessary for all actions or execution of Boddhicitta.

If you truly want to help someone, You need your yidam's presence.

Of course, cannot see, doesn't mean the Yidam didn't come! :)

I have taught many to "talk" to GM or "chat" with GM, all the time, just as if GM is beside you and with you always.

How do one talks to a Living Buddha who is thousands of miles away, physically?

The methods are already shared repeatedly in this blog, go find them!

Now, remember GM said "Don't need to ask or get affirmation from him, when one is enlightened"?

It is also true when you achieved GuruYoga!

THINK: When GM is always with you, do you need ask anything?

THINK: When you are truly enlightened, will you still have questions to ask of GM?

Now: GM said that Cultivation depends solely on Self Diligent Efforts!
Know what GM truly means?

Now understand the Title of this article - All within speechless silence?

You talk or chat with GM, With Your Heart!


Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom

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