Tuesday, October 28, 2014

是真假不了,是假真不了!Truth Can't Fake, False Can't Be Truth!

Terjemahan Indonesia: Kebenaran Tak Dapat Dipalsukan dan Kepalsuan Tak Dapat Dikatakan Sebagai Kebenaran!

The above is my Root Guru, His Holiness, Living Buddha Lian Sheng!
Hahaha! Is he yours too?


I have always stress to all, In Tantrayana, One Only Need To Listen to One Absolute, and that is One's Root Guru Only!

Well, if you recall, GM said the same few weeks back in his Dharma Speech!

And it is one of the most important Key to successful yoga too!


Now, do you understand why there is no need to go see GM personally to clarify anything, in the case of Lotuschef?

In many of Lotuschef's articles, basic concepts that are also those for Maha Mudra and Maha Perfection are shared!

Quoting from Lotuschef at Play – Lets Have Fun!:
[---  [宗委會訊】由於蓮廚大德的網站部份文章段落,已經造成眾生對《真佛宗》的誤解,產生對《真佛宗》的負面觀感,為此,《宗委會》曾於二〇一三年一月八日致函請其改善內容,又於五月十一日再度致函請其刪除



Summary translation:

Core alleged that the article they Perceived as Detrimental to the Image of TBS by Sentient Beings is the cause of their current action as they demanded that this article be amended.

They alleged that more such articles were published on Lotuschef's blogs, despite their warning!
The members of small Core group discussed and Decide to Cancel Ms Lotuschef's reverend status, and not reverend of TBS and all her actions has not relation to TBS whatsoever.


Maha Perfection Dharma shared by GM Lu is really "Bad news" for all these people in Core, agree?

Their failures to read with understanding what are shared by Lotuschef, or their pathetic and ignorant excuse to "Get Rid" of any perceived threats to their well being and their "Controlling Power"; caused them to take eliminating actions which in Buddha's view are Unwholesome deeds which results in negative karma for all for them collectively!

Have they managed to Hurt Lotuschef?

No! :)

For example: My knowledge and application of Dharma learnt, dependent only on situational requirement and NEVER Ever on what Others and these Ignorant Others chose to hurl my way!

I am still the same too!

Or thanks to their negative missiles, which in actual fact enhanced instead of detrimented my knowledge and my steadfastness in Believe of my One & Only Root Guru!

GM Lu backs me up in his speeches all the time! :)

GM Lu said: Just listen to me will do!
Did you picked this up recently too?

GM also said that for those not yet yoga and not yet enlightened, not qualified in expounding sutra!
Likewise, mete out their own standards and penalties!

This Core that claimed they are in charge of a certain fabrication of TBS, has proven GM's statement to be absolutely True, agree?

How can One that abides Samaya Vows of Absolute adherence to One's Root Guru's teachings be penalise? :)

The Samaya Vows also covers the most important aspect of Buddhism, that is Boddhicitta! 


Facebook Chat: 27 October 2014 @ 9:05 pm

CT: I think I remember hearing GM saying in a dharma talk (I think it was at Rainbow Temple) that Buddha and Mara are the same, but I couldn't understand what he meant

PK: At different level of cultivation attainment, the realization level varies.
So when a supposed to be enlightened one said there is a line between Buddha n Mara, this person still have dualism.
Means not enlightened at all.
It's in GM's speech this morning too.

CT: I see
that's sort of how I interpreted it. that there is no dualism

PK: Yup. Always hold on to basics then will be firm n not easy to get influence by what GM said garbage!


There is no absolute right & wrong, really! :)

When you have yet to Realised what is what, you have lots of Garbage to eliminate One by One only!

Of course, if you are bogged down by Too Much Garbages, then as per GM, will succour you in your next lifetime or subsequent ones when Affinity is present!

Bad news? GM said that there are some students already bound for Vajra or Timeless Hell, and too steadfastly to extract them!

If you have a wee bit of something call [Wisdom], what I have written are warnings for all to steer clear of Garbage or "White Rapids" that are "Wisdom Life Threatening"!

Remember the definition of Wisdom Life? 
Not Core's version though!

Actual definition: Wisdom sustains Dharmakaya!
One's Dharmakaya thrives on Wisdom, that's all!

Not the ignorant version used by Core for their hostile purpose!


We have seen that there are wise ones around that do not lap up what Core choose to feed them!

This is from GM: Know what you can do and Know what you can't!

Does Lotuschef have prior knowledge of Maha Perfection Dharma's concepts?
Please ask GM Lu if you are that curious!

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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