Sunday, October 5, 2014

尽在不言中 All Within Speechless Silence [2]

Helping fellow students to do offering during fire puja sessions and at the same time deal with some problems they have.

Well, at the recent Medan event, a student remarked pretty sourly, "Why Medan so special, fashi help to do individual offering?"

Little does this student knows what she has SAID, shows she didn't know GM that well and also what a Buddha can do.

GM knows best though.

I was instructed to help attendees do offering individually, for good reasons!

For example, this one that has "Heart problem"!

I advised him to go for a medical check-up, pointing to his heart as the problem area.

From the chat archive:

[--- AA: HH dear, how is the one that I asked him go medical check up?
The family also should register Hk event or sponsor fire puja or charity.
They need it.

HH: BM his name, he did medical check and got heart problem , fashi very accurate hahaha.

I don't know the medical issue - Narrowing of Blood Vessels Heart Disease ( google translate)

Okay , I will tell his family :)

AA: Ya. That's why he is breathless.
Good to know early.
Can treat n prevent more serious problems.
His cholesterol must me high n fats stuck to his blood vessels causing narrowing.

Wow! The whole family going to be my fans liao la!

HH: Ya good to know early can prevent more serious.  thanks, fashi.
Fashi said his father has same aura with BM, I heard his father has operated heart disease also.

he desperate after got result medical check up , my mom encourage him , don't over exercise, he likes badminton

hahaha ya medan slowly but sure grows fashi fans liao :) ---]


Dear all,
A sincere cultivator should watch their own Body Speech Mind, to prevent Self from Creating Negative Karma.

The student that remarked on why the help with individual offering; knew well why the practice was stopped in Singapore.


GM is always around to guide us in cultivation and also dharma propagation.
So if you are a rabbit, best stay out of the Lion's Playground!

GM does things for specific reasons to benefit all, therefore, just keep this in mind.
Everything you do or say will be gauge by GM or His representatives.
Therefore, your performance will correspond to what to teach or not to teach you next.

For a Living Buddha like GM, most things are Secret between Root Guru & Individual Student, nothing to do with anyone else.

In his speech today, GM asked: Have anyone of you reach this Level?


Of course, almost all can't even achieve Guru yoga, what more abhiseka when in Deep Meditation!

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng SIddhi Hom

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