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GM's View – Beating of Basic Chakra? 师尊之见-基本轮跳动?

Quoting from B.154 The Aura of Wisdom [Ch.21] Ignorance 无明:

[--- Yet it is ignorance that blinds sentient beings from realizing the inherent light and merit within.`

Please take note of the word, ignorance.
Once ignorance is removed, sentient beings and the Buddha are equal and without difference.

The cultivation of Tantric Buddhism follows the Three Secrets:
The Secret of the Body - Forming mudra.
The Secret of Speech - Chanting mantra.
The Secret of the Mind - Contemplating on Right Thoughts (Pure Visualization) ---]

Quoting from B.154 The Aura of Wisdom [Ch.22] Liberal Authentication:

[--- Besides receiving authentication from one`s Root Guru, can the Tantric practitioner authenticate himself, such as that of liberal authentication?

I feel that this has to be done by one who has the correct view of cultivation.
Such a practitioner must have actual attainment gained from true practice, and must hold great compassion for others. 
He must thoroughly master the theoretical and practical aspects of cultivation, being wise and humble, and transform his five poisons into the Five Transcendental Wisdoms.

Thus, the first few things to verify when exercising liberal authentication are:
Is your mind purified?
Is your speech purified?
Is your body purified?
Is your vital chi sufficient?
Are your channels unblocked?
Are your drops free from leakage?
Have you gained bliss?
Has the clear light appeared?
Has the mind been emptied?
Have you attained completion of the ground of fruition? ---]

Dear all,

Can you answer Student SS's questions on why his perceived that his Basic Chakra beats when he invoke Maha Mayuri or when he chants Maha Mayuri's mantra?

Now read his email again, please.

What are in his statements, which gives me a clear "reading" of him?

The contents of his email:-
He alleged that he has No One to Ask.
But he gave information he heard from ??? that GM will be hosting Maha Mayuri event in SG!

So if he has "No one to Ask", how he got information of GM's proposed schedule?
Its no important whether his information is True or False, but he definitely "Picks up" Hearsay from someone somewhere, agree? :)

From Chat Archive {Oct 4, 6:01 PM}:

[--- HH: Hi all,  Basic chakra? Maybe he means root chakra.
Our chakra can beating meh fashi? 
Hehehe I haven’t experience that level inner tantra. interesting

CC: what is basic chakra???

PP: i dont know, thats why ask you all!
basic chakra???

CC: ohhhhh
from the google
it is the chakra of the private part

AA: he went wrong way liao

BB: this is the first time i heard someone's private chakra vibrates with the mantra recitation

AA: i remember that I had a vision of myself as vairocana sitting on a golden peacock and leisurely strolling through a park with lots of trees on both sides of the pathway.

BB: wuahhhh beautifulllll

that's definitely in the manifestation as maha mayuri hor

AA: private chakra should not beat

ya. not always holding the stuff in hands, but relax against the feathers of the peacock while sitting on its back. just like riding a horse

CC: so you ah. relax

AA: slow n relax steps the peacock took

i think it is best to tel lhim to write to GM in seattle. his is a big problem, if his basic chakra beats. he said something about not thinking .....

DD: "I just need to have a desire, then my basic cakra will not beating at all."
yes, i guess this part is problematic

EE: he can be a pervert who gets a kick out of being High
talking about his sexual stuff

TT: i think so

A: bcos the last part about GM coming to SG is not too right lol
a lackey of core's VMs?

BB:  no one in medan is there to ask?

EE: he can ask the VMs there
lets just ignore him

AA: or shall we frighten him? hehe
i will post his email in blog
replied him in blog liao

DD: I will translate this

It has important messages for all students
To avoid being too ambitious

PP: yup. this guy is definitely very polluted

AA: i told GM liao! :) ---]




GM has plenty of Dharma Treasures Already shared with all for ages!

Sadly, not many bother to read them or do research on Cultivation with sincere diligence!

Theory & Practical knowledge is the Key!

You need to ask GM first when you have problems or questions!

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom

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