Friday, October 10, 2014

你明白-佛无虚言吗?You Understand-Buddha Speaks No Falsehood?

This is another interesting morsel from the scandal forum that I chanced upon just now!

Its about Enlightenment.
This is yet another morsel that is Jealously fought over!
How ignorant!

Why does it matter to you or for the matter anyone else whether you are truly enlightened or not?
When you cultivate diligently and also spend due time on the dharani which comprises sutra & mantra, you will surely become wiser and arrive at Full Realisation or Enlightenment eventually!

In the first place, forcing the issue, or forcing One's Root Guru hands, in giving you the Enlightenment Key is already anathema to Buddha's teachings!

However, a Buddha will appease your demands, as you are the one that will bear all consequences of your own deeds! Hahaha!

Some "bright spark" in the forum, alleged that what GM Lu gave to Lian Ning on Enlightenment might be false!

This tells us that this "bright spark" truly do not understand Buddha Dharma, what more Tantrayana teachings!

Also didn't listen or hear what GM Lu said.
GM Lu said that the Lineage Gurus said that Enlightenment can't tell.
At the same session, GM Lu also said this Lian Ning needs reminding by all students that "An Enlightened One must be reasonable and cannot shout or yell"!
GM Lu also said he needs to change his unwholesome habits!

So, if you have a wee pinch of wisdom, you would not have alleged that GM Lu gives the False Key to Enlightenment to Lian Ning!
The Fault lies with the one that supposedly get the Key, at all cost, irregardless of right or wrong!
Having a Key but don't know where to use it to open the Dharma Door!
Whose fault? :)

Now Enlightenment, One can find it in lots of sutras, and not restricted to GM Lu's sharings only!

Everyone is free to go do their own research and study.
Understand and Use is what each sincere cultivator should do!

Not hide behind sentient titles or positions to make others unhappy!

Now, think:
Why do you need to bother whether so & so interpreted the sutra correctly?

In the First place, if you got it Right, you would not have waste your limited and remaining life span rolling in scandalous sentient mud!

Knowing karma fully and comprehensively, One is enlightened.

Would an enlightened one do what you are doing, that is getting involve in disputes and arguments, attempting to Best someone?

Remember that, you can only become enlightened when you have wisdom of equality!

And Middle Path Ideology too!

So, there really is no need to Best anyone too!

Brandishing the Term Enlightenment around but with no true understanding of its meaning, You are truly very very deep in stupor!

I have been translating the Zen Patriarch Dialogues recently, see how few words were used?

Why don't you spend your limited & remaining life span being diligent and study the Dharani to find your own salvation!

You really don't have much time to waste away rolling in sentient mud.

Do you want entry to the Lion's Playground?


Cheers all

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