Saturday, October 4, 2014

Beating of Basic Chakra? 基本轮跳动?

Terjemahan Indonesia: Chakra Muladhara Berdenyut?

[Email Subject: MahaMayuri, from Medan - Indonesia]

Dear Master

My name is Lian Hua SS from Medan-Indonesia. I am a student of Grand Master Living Buddha Lian Sheng.

I have received Grand Master Empowerment Blessing to read MahaMayuri mantra (OM MO YULI JI LA DI SOHA). Grand Master also asked me to read 600,000 times of MahaMayuri mantra. Until today I have read about 10,000 times.

I would like to ask Master why everytime I imagine MahaMayuri appears in front of me, my basic cakra is beating.

My basic cakra is also beating every time I read MahaMayuri mantra. When I read MahaMayuri mantra, my basic cakra is beating once. If I stop reading the mantra, my basic cakra is also stop beating. It looks like my basic cakra is beating according to my mantra reading.

However, it will be no difficult if I want to stop the basic cakra beating during reading MahaMayuri mantra. I just need to have a desire, then my basic cakra will not beating at all.

Dear Master, please tell me why this thing happens to me. What does this mean to me? What should I do next?

Dear Master, your guidance is highly appreciated as I have no one to ask here. I read from your blog that you know how to do MahaMayuri practice, right?

Lian Hua SS

PS : Dear Master, I heard Grand Master Living Buddha Lian Sheng is going to perform Maha Mayuri fire ceremony in Singapore. Is that true? Can you tell me when and where the ceremony will be held?


To the sender of this email, please write to GM in Seattle.
There are TBS' chapters & temples in Medan that you can go seek help too.

However, for Maha Mayuri Practice, it is best to ask GM and not those that have yet to Yoga with GM.

My advice is for you to stick to basics or fundamentals like 4 Preliminaries Practice.

Beating of Basic Chakra?
Might be an indicator that you need to Cleanse & Purify Body Speech Mind first, and also achieved Yoga with Root Guru or Vajrasattva, before you do other yidam's practice.

Thats also what GM advised all to adhere to.

From your statements, it is obvious that you have yet to achieve Guru Yoga.

When you can Yoga with Guru, you will not need to ask or seek answers externally, but look within Self or Speak to Guru directly!

Word of Caution: Being too Ambitious in Cultivation and side-stepping the Basics or Fundamentals, you can actually do more harm than good to Self.

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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