Thursday, October 30, 2014

你的身口意 Your Body Speech Mind

AA: 請問法師如有朋友信觀音菩薩,未有皈依, 可以学高王经 和大悲咒吗?
Question - IF have friend who believe in Avalokitesvara, have not taken refuge, CAN learn Gao wang sutra or Great compassion mantra?
Can Fashi please answer my question.

AA 师姐, 你这假设性的问题, 与修法无关。
AA shijie, you question is [IF], a hypothetical one and nothing to do with cultivation.

算是满足个人好奇心吧! 这属于(问事)。
Considered as to satisfy curiosity of Self! This is classified as [Consultation].
My charges are SGD 3000 for every block of 20 minutes.

还有, 你想问了帮别人的话, 你还没达到能清楚明白佛法的(任运)。
Moreover, if you think to ask and then help people, You still have not reach Full and thorough understand of Buddha dharma to [Execute at Will].

记得自己的身口意, 就是你! 
Remember that One's Body Speech Mind, is One self!

讲的, 写的, 都能见到(现在的你)到底了多少佛理而运用在你日常生活里面 。 :) :) :) 
Speech and written statements, all can see [the actual You Now], have comprehend how much Buddha's Philosophy to use in your daily life.   :) :) :)

This student's comments are pretty ambiguous! :)

Dear all,

When you think to help anyone, please remember what Padma Guru said and shared in this blog, quoted by Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche.

It goes something like this:
If you want to share drinking water, your water jug must have water.

Anyone can learn to chant any sutra or mantra they choose, BUT chanting for what purpose and HOW to go about it Effectively!


The student AA, need to ask the question she posed, means she is very very new or just no one explained anything about cultivation to her at all, agree?
Or someone frightened her about "Stealing Dharma"!  :)

The other student likes to put comment into my facebook but most of the time, his meaning is not clear. Once, he even told me to go apologise to Admin or Core of TBS, just to get out of his idea of "Trouble"!


To Help anyone, please ensure your water jug is filled!

Cheers all 

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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