Monday, October 27, 2014

水落石出-离开真佛宗 Truth is Out – Leave TBS?


AA: I finished my "homework" for today liao!
BB, perhaps can go translate this one first, when have time!
hahaha! anonymous n tok chef are One & the same, #2!

BB: ok, this one ya: 佛魔只隔一線

AA: Yup! :)

Maha perfection really very bad news for #2 & team lol

BB: there are some reference articles
i will translate them first to link in the said article
so readers can read them at ease :)

AA: Ok. Hahaha! Anonymous said I am bluffing n not sharing dharma n I got enlightenment answer from Lian X

Only ONE in TBS that had this type of Answer given to him by GM!

BB: that ano still doesn't have any idea and thinks that "an answer" would make one powerful or omnipresent or the likes

what a grand joke

AA: Enlightened then No dualism!

BB: the answer is just a preliminary guidance

i think GM has ever said this

AA: Hilariously, GM showed me how Buddha n Mara merges as One!

That's like most keys that one has to go figure lol

BB: yes indeed

AA: Without knowing which door to open n where, what's the point of a Key?

N GM talked about variation in visualization again n the best part is no one takes responsibility for this monotony!

Then GM laughingly said that ultimately all point fingers at me (GM) to be responsible!

See also why GM instructed me to Leave TBS!

Must have a more comprehensive approach to visualization in cultivation lol! 
The current Standard has lots of problems!

Hahaha! They used this Leave TBS article to get rid of me!

How stupid!

BB: omg the sermon today is important! very interesting!

now smart people should clearly see

AA: Yesterday's also.

BB: yes and yesterday
the seal

AA: Core delisted me claiming GM said Ok to do so!

BB: now they're on fire hor

AA: But GM said yesterday everything don't have, don't need to care. 
So one is pure from voiding all, be it slander or whatever!

I already wrote that the delisting from ignorant means nothing to me!

I also wrote that Listening n following GM's instruction got me the "sack"!

BB: yes, regarding the slander, i wonder why tbf still collects fund for this matter


Dear all, 
read all the Leave TBS 离开真佛宗 articles? 


Sometime in early 2010:
GM spoke into my ears: 离开真佛宗 (Leave TBS)!
This instruction to me has been materialised through [leaving the "standards" set down by Admin or Core of TBS]; and then figure out other ways to cultivate effectively!

The Sadhana compiled by Pure Karma and all articles in this blog are the successful results of Adhering to GM's instructions! :)

Student ST, said to Seek True Buddha, One has to Leave TBS!
His meaning - to not get involve in TBS's chapters; to concentrate diligently on cultivation with Root Guru sitting on his crown!

Even fellow students can understand and realised what I am sharing with regards to GM's instruction to Leave TBS!

Sadly, NO ONE in core or admin choose to understand or they need ammunition to GET RID of Lotuschef!!!

Well? Aren't they Truly Ignorant?

Listed by these Ignorants standards or definition of a Reverend is truly irrelevant, agree?

I am still the same, no matter what anyone choose to say!

GM said this recent Saturday, he is not bothered at all!
He also taught us how to VOID all to attain state of Purity!
Did you hear Right?

If you want entry permit into the Lion's Playground, Wake-Up now!

Why did you give Pure Karma's 1 November 2014, HK's event a miss?

As per GM on his homa sessions, "Not present then cannot get!"

I am saying the same thing to all that are in HK and have time & resources to attend Pure Karma's event, but choose to listen to Ignorants and stay away; or choose to slander Pure Karma and warned all others to steer clear of Pure Karma!


Pure Karma's events are organised by the Lions and venue is none other than the Lion's Playground!

Wake up already?

But of course, even with GM, You, yourself, determines whether You are truly [IN] the Lion's Playground or not! 


Vindicate? To me, Not Important!

BUT! Truth should be out so as to save more from falling into darkness created by Titles or external form presented by Core! :)

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom

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