Friday, October 3, 2014

Karma – Lethal Attraction 业-桃花

The above, a Fire Puja session on a roof-top garden in Semarang, Indonesia.
Kurukulla or Red Tara, is amongst one of the Guest Yidams.
Pretty auspicious!

We cultivated "Great Affinity" practice!


1. Recently, I met a young man who has [Peach-blossom eyes] - means lethal attraction for opposite sex type of eyes!

However, his came with melancholy and hurt, that is pitiful look.
That is, he is able to attract the opposite sex, but relationship just won't last.
Every time get jilted!

2. LY committed suicide when jilted by his girlfriend. It was GM that forcefully dragged him back to life into sentient realm. He is a university lecturer and a professor too!

3. A university student, always get jilted by girls.
Each time this happened, he feels like death!
He asked: Reverend, why I always get jilted?

I answered: You choose people, People also has the RIGHT to choose you or others.

I suggested that he ponder on: Before, when he not acquainted with this girl, how did he Live or Survive.

4. Someone came for personal consultation.
He married a divorcee.
In his workplace, a fellow colleague is interested in a relationship with him.
He has [Peach blossom eyes].
Thing is, all women whether at home or outside, are all out to [Collect Debts] from him.
"Touching" any woman outside of home, will be lethal for him.
There is a long line up of such Female Karmic Creditors waiting to Collect from him.

He has truly accumulated much [Love Debts] through various lifetime!
Less than 3 months after consultation, he was killed by a goods-truck!
Obviously, he didn't heed my advice.


Dear readers,

Remember that 6th Zen Patriarch, reverend Hui Neng, is illiterate?

Once one acquired Knowledge, if do not [Use], then is as good as [Zero].


Within Buddha Dharma, there are "Antidotes" or Methods of Convenience, geared to resolve Sentient tuned matters.

[Use], then can already!

[Letting Go] is very good to Use!

In this Sentient Realm, if can [Comprehend] everything is just Bubble Dreams; An instant of Glory or magnificence; all will [Pass on].
That is [Comprehend] [Impermanence]!

Knowing how to [Let Go], then can have [Pure] [Body Speech Mind].
GM said: when your [Body Speech mind ] is clean or pure, You are a Buddha.

Infinite attachments or entanglements!
You can't Break Free!

How then can you cultivate to Yoga with Yidam?

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom

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