Thursday, October 9, 2014

自然 Naturally

Terjemahan Indonesia: Secara Alamiah

Quoting from 法性最大 Dharma Nature is the Greatest One:

[--- From the chat archive:

5 Oct 20:26 - Lotuschef Lama: I saw SF on screen this morning. 
He is in Seattle. He looks very lost n unhappy.

ST: I saw it too
I jus finish the video
I tot i saw wrongly
So now u confirm

Lotuschef Lama: I saw it live
Hehe. He also looks scared

Most don't understand that GM knows everything about each of us!
That's why I try not to be too naughty! Hehe!

ST: This one i believe
He really knows
:) ---]


ST is the one that chants 108 times of 100 syllables mantra several times daily!

Diligence has paid off, for his career has improved, as well as his financial status of course! :)

But what is my point here?

He can actually "read aura" ! 

Remember GM said : 神通是修到有成就,自然有的!佛菩萨都有神通!
All that cultivated to success will naturally have Astral or Transcendental Powers! All Buddhas & Boddhisattvas have these!

ST is still unsure of what he can see though. :)
Just like me when I started to "See Things" just after I took refuge with GM Lu!
Hahaha! Hard for self to believe, what more others! 

But the Confidence will build up with due Diligence!

For those that blamed me or scold me for not teaching you or not watching over you in cultivation, Mark these words: Cultivation depends solely on efforts of individual self!

I believe what I have shared, more than enough to carry you through to Nirvana, if only you listen well and go diligently cultivate!

Leaning or relying in anyone else just Don't Work in Cultivation context!

AND scolding or blaming anyone for your own failures, Really not the Mindset required of an aspiring to be True Yogi too!

Wake up & stand tall on your very own! 

You also might be able to get One-to-One private Guidance from GM if you can meet all the criteria for a True Yogi - shared by GM in his book [Sword of the Yogi 瑜伽士的宝剑 ] .

Scolding is not what Buddha teaches too! 


Think: ST from Singapore & HH from Medan, Indonesia, how much Time have I spent with them?
Compare with How much Time I spent with YOU!

Can you still blame me for your own Failures?

Hahaha! Definitely NO!

Remember too: I do not encourage anyone of you to give me "gongyang" in form of money! 
Don't not encourage anyone to think that I can be Bought with Money! 

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom

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