Friday, October 17, 2014

危机处理 Crisis Management?

Terjemahan Indonesia: Manajemen Krisis


Let us play!

GM brought up the 5 knowledge 五明, attributes of all Buddhas.

If and when you find these 5, you would not be easily sway by any external factor, agree?

Now back to Core's management of Perceived slanders from a group of ex-fellow students & dissidents.

Core went all out to ask for financial support from fellow students, to "Hit Back" through legal proceedings!

I chanced upon a forum online from these dissidents.

Wow! Guess what?

Most of the "stories" are directed at those beside GM Lu, and somehow, these dissidents perceived that GM Lu turns a blind eye to what those beside him are doing!

They think that GM Lu can't be a genuine living Buddha if these "Evil" people are at the helm, hurting fellow students.

From Core's reaction to the slanders and scandalous stories about their "evil deeds", we also can see why GM said that "If you understand what I said, well and good; but if you don't understand, never mind."

GM Lu has said he will not sue anyone in this lifetime, no matter what provocation.
AH! this is what he wants to teach all!
Voiding and letting go!

How to go about these?
GM talks about how steadfast he is, on the Bodhi Path, this recent Sunday!

He has seen the White Padmakumara, which is himself, radiating dazzling brilliant white light and was told that he is White Padmakumara!
He has visited all the various Heavens in one night after Golden Mother of Yao Pond helps him "Open" his Heavenly eye.
He was greeted by divinities with "You are back!"

Now, the key GM Lu shared was Absolute Faith or Believe in One's Root Guru, so that you do not waver and can stay focus, thus achieving "Silent and Purity" [寂净].

Yes! In this state then one can attain Buddhahood! :)

During a perceived crisis, what did Core do?

Or what were their Immediate Reactions?


They "ganged up" to hit and destroy the perceived opponents!

Now in Lotuschef's case, what has Lotuschef done that is so wrong that they also reacted likewise with violence?

Seems like what the VM LC said to me regarding my method of doing Homa: GM didn't teach us this way!

So when GM Lu didn't teach you or point out everything clearly to you, you failed to manage any crisis!

Nah! GM did tell or warn you all many times, it is just that you don't understand what he is saying only!

Ah! So whose fault?
Yours of course!

Now Crisis Management?
You need my 3 Cs: Cool, Calm, Clear Minded!

GM also keeps telling you all about Silent & Pure!

All of you reacted like "hot potatoes"!

My advice: Tame those Ignorant Fires within!

Else you will harm yourself fatally!

Go listen to my maiden speech and GM's comments over & over again.

What did I truly shared in that speech?

Now, why the [Who Am I ?] series?

These are clues to help you steer away from danger and not venture into the dark with both eyes wide opened but without Right View!


Why I still have not been "down" by any of you?

Do learn Crisis Management and save yourself first!

Had Fun?

Of course!

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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