Saturday, October 18, 2014

欺骗师傅 Lied to One's Teacher?

These are photos of Prisons.
监狱弘法 - Propagate Dharma to Prisoners in Prisons.

This was a great vow of LL before he left Seattle!
He vowed to do something others don't do!

However, back in Singapore, I invited him to join us in Live Animal Release and then subsequently we joined efforts to do this program.

Then I suggested that we cultivate True Buddha Repentance Practice after the Live Animal Release event.

So this joint venture took place on or about late June early July of 2009, before my being ordained in 5 September 2009, in Seattle's Autumn event.

I asked LL about the vow of Dharma Propagation in local prison and I suggested that we join efforts with my friends from Mahayana.
Some of these friends are TCM specialists; Physicians with master in psychology, master in Buddhist philosophy & etc.

The chances of getting approval is high!

LL answered: Don't want, else have to share merits 功德, with them.


I just translated an article by GM Lu, that is about people that are All for Merits!

Another one that is singing quite a similar tune, is chapter's chair-person, LX, same name as Shi-mu.

She asked me to help with Old Folks Home visits, and I asked why don't join up with Lotus Light Charity.

She said: Don't want! We need "performance results" 业绩; because we are building temple!

Now, back to LL.

About 2 years ago, GM said in one speech that as per Shi-mu, LL is having great success with Dharma Propagation in Prisons!

Prior to that, I asked him what is he going to do about his vow to go prison and propagate dharma.
He said, not going to do, leave to others to go do!

Yes! How can One get great success from a project that has yet to kick start?

Now WHO is lying to GM Lu?

Hahaha! Think GM Lu got tricked?
Not really!
Bringing it up, and praising you, your Lie is Locked Tight!
Why, the whole world witness it!
Karma is truly one's own.

Keeping quiet and trying to hide the Truth of the fate of the chapter he took charge of for less than a year is also very undesirable, agree?

LL is being punished for his Lies? Maybe!

GM said recently in a pretty serious tone : 自作自受 One is responsible for One's own deeds!

Yes! People are interesting?

In an article, one of my morning lesson, I shared GM Lu's article that is about Wisdom of Equality.

The hilarious part is that GM teaches us to look at the antics of sentient beings, running around and chasing whatever they hold dear!

In this article:

GM shared Buddha's teaching of Letting Go.

Seems the articles that I translated recently are truly linked!

Have you all noticed a Trend or Pattern?

There are KEYS in each article that you can study and use for the benefit of self as well as all beings!

Knowing what Buddha has shared, we can deduce who are True & Diligent cultivator, agree?

So do not follow titles and crowns blindly, or without a pinch of wisdom of discernment, one of 5 wisdoms of all Buddhas!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom

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