Friday, October 17, 2014

戇居行头,惨过败家!Blur or Stupid Leading, Worse than Prodigal

ngonggeui - means stupid or dumb or blur. Its a common term localised to Hong Kong.



此外,此詞延伸出「戇居居」- ngong geuigeui,同作形容詞,除了可與「戇居」相同指別人愚昧,亦可指別人目光呆滯,但性質比較溫和,而且層次略帶不同,通常看見有人在發愣,或神態呆滯,雙眼無焦點的似是神遊太虛,便可稱他「戇居居」的樣子。

It can be use to describe someone who is stupid.

「戇居居」- ngong geuigeui - is sometimes use for those that are in a trance-like state, and mind not with the present.


The title also a from Hong Kong -meaning When a Stupid person is leading or in charge, the situation is worse that a prodigal son, squandering his family's fortune.

Well, VM Lian Lai said I am crude and common because I was previously a business person or merchant!


Now, let us play again! 

Before giving a dharma speech, VM LL said to all present: what I am going to speak about today, is very difficult and I think most of you won't understand.


He is telling us that he himself don't understand and thus can't simplify it like GM Lu!

Way into his Grand speech, he picks on certain statements of mine.

He insisted that I gave a Dharma speech before his.
His reason: People said that I don't give you chance to speak!


So, to thank him for this "Chance", I paid attention to his speech, which he pronounced as "difficult to understand"!

The following week, I quoted from the speech he made and explained the points clearly!


Yes! After that, I stop attending any session with him in that chapter, which is shut-down by local authority since July 2010!

From certain sources: LL has kept the shut-down of his chapter a secret hence.
Sometime last year, when Hui-jun got close to uncovering this secret of his, he brought up the Slanders and Scandalous allegation against GM, in GM's presence, "to change the topic", thus diverting "heat" upon himself!

What a grand student GM has in LL!!!

When you served up your Root Guru on an unpalatable plate, do you think you can ever achieve Guru Yoga? 


As per certain sources: The Green lotus, LY, likes to fan fires! 

I do wonder who is real crude and common, do you?

Also, telling Shi-mu that I am from a top girls' school in Singapore, when in Seattle, to get the VM title.
Then telling me condescendingly that I am crude and common after you got the VM title, when back in Singapore! 

Hahaha! you are not very consistent, concur?

See now why you can't reach a state of absolute purity to Yoga?

1. Used GM as a shield, to cover your own "dirty linen", irregardless of whatever harm you may cause.

2. Inconsistent in your ways

3. Lack of true understanding of Buddha Dharma

4. Too gigantic an Ego - looking down on others, mindset of "If you don't understand, then others also won't be able to understand!".

5. No Boddhicitta! - when I am helping fellow students with their ailments, you said to leave them alone. 
I said that I can't "见死不救 -means seeing people dying and not go save them.
Your reply: 死了没! means die already or not.
Pretty heartless!

6. Acting superior, telling me to behave and be low profile, as you are the one that will be dealing with complaints about me. Hahaha! When did I give over control of myself to anyone?

There are more..... some already in this blog.


Dear all, if you are being led by someone like the above, you are either very stupid or very lost in deep stupor!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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