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Request for Dharma Externally & Internally 心外求法、心內求法

Terjemahan Indonesia: Memohon Dharma Dari Luar & Dari Dalam
Reference to GM's article: 蓮生活佛開示虹光大成就 - 心外求法、心內求法
Brief Summary Translation by Lotuschef





GM explained that this religious group, Zhen Dao Jiao, has this Flying Saucer Event.
They are seeking or requesting their God, Heavenly Father, to appear first on TV, the on 31 March, to descent and succour or save those with his group to Heaven. 
And after 31 March, there will be No Sun, all energy will also disappear.
His Prediction is thus.

Why this way is Seeking Dharma Externally?
Very simple to see, He didn't seek internally but externally.





In the case of Buddhism, Boddhicitta's components of 4 Immeasurable of 慈悲喜捨 - Compassion, Sympathy, Joy, Share without regret or holding back; was taught and All from your innermost heart, radiating outwards.
Accumulating Good Merits and with these you can be born in Heaven upon your demise.

Moreover, when you can request that your heart is stable, immovable, and then can exhibit Brightness or Bright Light, you can enter Buddha's realm or Pureland.

Purifying Body Speech Mind is transformation of the 3 Karmic Components to 3 Secrets of Buddhas, and you can exhibit Brightness, entering the Universal's Great brightness, your body can reach attainment.

This is what Buddha said about seeking within one's heart, when One's heart is pure, then One's heart can exhibit or radiate Bright light, then One can become Bright Light.

It is not to request or seek Deity or God to descent from the Universal void, then bring you all Upwards, not like this!


Dear all,
I have picked out the specifics to translate only.

The rest of GM's article is just as educational, please get it translated on your own, as a form of your diligent efforts in cultivation. :)

What are Main Keys here?

Boddhicitta; Self Effort; Seek Within - or rely on Self; Purifying Body Speech Mind, .....

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom

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