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《杏枝》 Xing Zhi

Terjemahan Indonesia: Xing Zhi (Terjemahan Bahasa)
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盧勝彥文集第243冊《荒誕奇談》。Lu Sheng Yan Literary Collection No. 243 [Incredible/Ridiculous Unusual Tales]

One night in my dream...

A graceful & pretty lady wearing red-coloured dress and shoes, slender silhouette, charming features, appeared in front of my bed.

She said:

I am Xing Zhi.

I asked:
What is the matter?

她說:She said: 

Tomorrow when you go up to Lei Zang Temple to do Homa, an entrepreneur by surname of He will come visit you, please tell him that I, Xing Zhi, is waiting here for him.

我說:I said:
This is a small matter, I will be able to do.

她說:She said: 

Thank you Grandmaster Lu! Thank you Grandmaster Lu! 

She left with much happy smile.

The next day, I went up to Lei Zang Temple.

Sure enough, there is a VIP with surname He, he specially handed me his business card, with Chairman of certain group printed on it.

我問:I asked:

Are you He X X?

他答:He answered: 


He X X looks like a middle age wealthy merchant, with squarish & straight.

我說:I said:

Last night, I had a dream, a lady by the name of Xing Zhi, red-coloured dress and shoes, said she will wait for you here.

Upon hearing these, He immediately lost colour, face become greenish, copious sweat pour down.

我問:I asked: 

Who is she?

He took me aside to talk.

他告訴我:He told me:

I came here because of this matter. Xing Zhi is my woman outside, because of a small dispute, she went and hang herself.

他說:He said: 

This visit, specially request Grandmaster Lu to do Bardo Delivery for her.

I did a Predict, I said: 

This matter, I am afraid cannot do Bardo Deliverance!

他說:He said:

Grandmaster Lu has great dharma power, nothing that can't be done, why say can't do Bardo Deliverance?

我說:I said:

Resentment too heavy, Karma strength too heavy, I really can't do Bardo delivery!

This He, even said he has urgent matters and rush away.


I got to know that between He & Xing Zhi has great dispute, not small matter.

Thus this Xing Zhi hang herself, and she intends to seek revenge that is why she wore red-coloured dress and shoes when committing suicide.

據說:It is said that:
Not long after He left, he even got lethal illness, and died a few months later.

我說:I said: 

This matter and its ins & outs, I am not very clear, not good to speculate.


This is truly an incident of [Female ghost exact revenge]. 

我在此奉勸人:I humbly suggest to you all:

Hiding Defects and Dirt, abuse fragrance (Stands of women), these matters, do not do!

Do not be too Over! 


Lotuschef's comments:

Now think: Is there no solution?

What if HE shows remorse and truly wants to resolve the Negatives he created with Xing Zhi?

Should HE not ask GM Lu for methods to gradually say sorry to Xing Zhi?


Can't do Bardo Deliverance NOW, doesn't mean that can't do later when Xing Zhi is less resentful, agree?

HE should not have rush away, agree?

HE is truly not honest with GM Lu!

There is something called : Negotiation!

PS: These comments are just my views, you may choose to differ. 

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom

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