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無住境界 Non Abiding Stage


Because [Jivaka] is good in differentiating sound, when World Supreme One arrived at a dwelling of a particulate cemetary, he knock on one of 5 skulls and asked Jivaka: Where will this one be born?

Reply: This one will be born in Human path (realm).

World Supreme One knock on another saying: Where will this one be born?

Reply: This one will be born in Heaven path.

World Supreme One knock on yet another asking: Where will this one be born?

Jivaka do not where this one will be born.

In this passage [Jivaka], in Buddha's time, is a well known doctor, employing various special methods to heal illnesses. (from Jivaka sutra)

Another 3 sutras related to Jivaka:
一、耆婆脈經。Jivaka Accupoint sutra
二、耆婆六十四問。Jivaka 64 Questions
三、耆婆五藏論。Jivaka 5 collections theory

A book [5 Lamps Compilation] recorded this passage. From 5th Division 20th record, recording of Jivaka differs: 

Jivaka's sound differentiation ability for unseen forms, knocking on 5 skull-bones, knows that they will be born in [Hell], [Hungry Ghost], [Animal], [Human Heaven]. 
Only one Jivaka don't know, actually this is [Arahat] skull-bone.

Jivaka is a famous doctor, it is said that he is known to Buddha, and is Moggallāna's disciple, also a lecturer of Titthiya's ideology, all in, he is a very complicated character.

Upon his demise, he was born in Sakra,  he is one of the ten senior deva beside  "释提桓因陀罗(梵文:Śakro devānām indraḥ,巴利文:Sakko devānaṃ indo)" .

Now, let us look at Jivaka's sound differentiation ability, will know skull-bone born to which realm.

World Supreme One tested him.

Jivaka knows all.

However, only one Jivaka don't know.

The reason here is very simple:
Jivaka's ability is limited up to heavenly level, outside of this, he all don't know.

This is like: Frog in ancient well, only know that the sky is a small round-shaped form.

Tortoise's sight, only limited to the size of a green-bean.

In the past, someone self proclaimed that he is [Able to communicate with Spirits] and [Know Yogi's Level] , these reached my ears.


This spiritual communicator's method : He fabricated [10 Dharma realm diagram], Buddha; Boddhisattva; Pratyeka-buddha; Sāvaka; Heaven (3 realms); Human; Asura; Hell; Hungry Ghost; Animal.

Spiritual communicator quiet down and stretch out his hand, attempting to deduce a certain person's level, the [10 Dharma realm diagram] in hand moving about, when heat is emitted from the centre of the palm, this palm at a certain realm, then know this person's or cultivator's will go to which realm!

This Spiritual Communicator uses this method to predict [Cultivator's] level, and which Dharma realm will he be born into after death.

Those that received these predictions, all said [accurate].

Jivaka listens to sound vibrations.

This one relies on Palm emitting heat. ( This is one great feat)

He came previously to my place, spread out [10 Dharma realm diagram], palm on this diagram moving here and there.

To and fro many rounds, eventually can't predict my rebirth destination. Palm didn't heat up.

I asked: Know already.

He answered: Still don't know.

He continued to move about, perspiration wetly pouring down, palm move here and there, hand already has sourly tightness, still cannot get a result.

Finally he gave up and said: Great Reverend Yin Zheng, Big reverends, big living buddhas, big Virtuous ones, .....
Numerous, non can't be deducted.
Today, deducing Lu Sheng Yan, completely do no have results, why is this so?

He asked me: You, Lu Sheng Yan is what? Why in the [10 Dharma realm diagram] don't have trace of you?

I replied: I just Non Abiding only!

What is Non Abiding?

I replied: As if Come and As if Go.

He still don't understand.

Now, I ask a question, all of you please figure, [Non abiding stage] is what stage/level?


耆婆 - 梵名 Ji^vaka。又作耆婆伽、只婆、时婆、耆域、时缚迦。为佛陀时代之名医。
曾至希腊殖民地附近之德叉尸罗国(梵 Taks!as/ila^)学医,后返王舍城(梵 Ra^jagrha),为频婆娑罗王与阿阇世王之御医。

Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha was born in modern day Rajgir, in the ancient capital of Magadha around 540 B.C.E.[1] He was contemporary of King Bimbisara and later Ajatasatru.
He was trained in Ayurveda medicine, Jivaka was also well versed in Asana and meditation practice. Believed to have been inspired by the teachings of the Buddha.



1. 北宋法眼宗道原的《景德传灯录》;
2. 北宋临济宗李遵勖的《天圣广灯录》;
3. 北宋云门宗惟白的《建中靖国续灯录》;
4. 南宋临济宗悟明的《联灯会要》;
5. 南宋云门宗正受的《嘉泰普灯录》。


The [5 Lamps Compilation] are historical recordings of Chinese Buddhism, compiled by Zen masters into 20 chapters.


I wanted to share this Levels concept or Hierarchy of Cultivation levels or stages this morning. :)

After meeting with a fellow student, I am pretty sure of this Concept that I have for quite a while.

That is, those cultivators that are say in Level One Boddhisattva stage, not able to read or understand concepts or auras of those in higher stages.

The fellow student is able to "see" those of "lesser brightness" or lesser "pureness" than himself.

Therefore, GM threw this student's face into my vision several times in the past few months!


So instead of just helping this student out, I invited those regulars that cultivated with me along with an email.

4 of them responded, and one of which is the intended subject of my assignment!

GM knows best!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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