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佛魔只隔一線 Buddha & Mara is Separated by a Line

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[[ Anonymous on 6/15/2013


on Crazy Wisdom疯狂的智慧 – Buddha’s Language 佛的语言 [3]

In this one, Anonymous alleged that I continue to churn lies or untruths.

[From the recent Maha Perfection articles and Avatmasaka Sutra ones that I shared, these are from Buddha and if I am lying that means Buddha is also lying!!!
Do have a care of what you said in writing, showing what you truly are and what you truly know to the Whole Wide World!]

He also said Buddha & Mara is Separated by only a thin line. ]]

[[ Anonymous on 6/21/2013 @5:51pm

蓮廚大法師,[Lotuschef big reverend,] 我只問你一句,你如果是覺者,你覺了什麼?


開悟的答案是蓮X給你的! [Enlightenment's answer was given to you, Lotuschef, by Lian X!]

快說你悟到什麼! [Quik tell what have you Realized!]
on 九乘佛法次第 [4]

Now this one is more interesting as Anonymous actually revealed his True Identity!!!
In True Buddha School, fellow student, Lian Ning is the One & Only that Guru said he has told Lian Ning what is Enlightenment!!!

All the above pointed to ONE that Believe Unwaveringly that Enlightenment's Answer can be told!]]


Whats my point here?

I have wrote about these concept before though. :)

A person's Body Speech Mind actually also can tell us at which level if any, he or she has cultivated to!

The Truly Enlightened will use [佛魔一如 - Buddha & Mara is the Same]and not 佛魔只隔一線. 


GM also stressed this morning that there is Absolutely ONLY ONE! 

Above are screen shots of GM during today's Homa session.

GM again talks about Not using the same Moon Disc visualization in cultivation for all yidams early this morning (Singapore time)! :)


However, a very crucial key was shared by GM too.

GM said FIRST transformed self into Vajrasattva then to Dharmapalas or Yidam of choice!

These are links to today's speech.


10/26/2014 Nine Stages Dharma of the Great Perfection Dzogchen by Grand Master Lu-Rainbow Temple


As per GM, a True Buddha can execute at will!
Therefore, Enlightened or not, should not be brandied around and what more by Ignorants that THINK that there are Answer to Enlightenment to be TOLD!


This person has yet to understand the very Basic or Fundamental of Buddha Dharma though, agree?

There are No FIXED rules; methods; answers; to anything or everything!

Fixed rules; methods; answers, are only for sentient mindsets as these are Fixation or Attachment to Forms!
GM also shared Non-dualism this morning as another Important Key! :)

GM also touches on those that like to create disputes like the above, several times in his speeches!

Why is it so important to this Anonymous, whether Lotuschef is Enlightened or not?
Why is it so important to this Anonymous, to pronounce in His View or Deduction that Lotuschef is not sharing Authentic Buddha Dharma?

All stemmed from [Fear of Loss] of sentient possessions which he thinks that Lotuschef is going to take away from him!

If you truly listen and understood what GM shared all along, Maha Mudra & Maha Perfection requires One to truly Let Go and attained Ultimate Purity!

We have to thank Anonymous anyway, for his statements are used to help others Realised [What not to follow blindly]!

Titles are sentient possession that A True Yogi has renounced from the beginning, if Anonymous but know!

Noticed that GM stresses on Letting Go and Purity too!

These are important Keys as well!

O! Please don't take my words as the Truth though, it is always Best for One to go find out for Self usage!

You can read recent articles of GM that I translated too!

Their contents are all in GM's speeches of yesterday and today too!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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