Friday, October 10, 2014

你们真有很多闲余的时间You All Have Lots of Spare Time

I chanced upon this website.


The interesting thing is, I wonder why there are beings that have so much spare time or leisure and used these TIME to write long articles to hit out at others!

O! The principle victims seem to be those beside GM Lu, and wielding "power"!

AH! realised that this is one great weakness of all beings?


Most of those that are now hurling missiles at TBS' Founder GM Lu, are actually victimised by those wielding "power" and not GM Lu!

So the actual aggressors now are those that perceived they have been wronged; cheated; ousted; bullied; victimised;...., TURNED around and exact Revenge or Initiate their Vendetta!


The principle characters of this saga is
Lian Ning (named successor) ;
Lian Ming (enlightened one from Calgary);
Lian Ye (green lotus from Taiwan - alleged to be a 2-timer );
Lian Dian (Taiwan - alleged to be mistress of successor);
Lian Yue (Taiwan, Zhong Guan Chapter - alleged to be the Old Madam of ilovegm forum);
Student Xu Ya Qi  (Taiwan,Video recording);
small peripheral characters like Lian Lai (of the Shut down Yuan Xue chapter in Singapore); and others.

Naming GM as the centre pin, or liken to the King of a court, whereby his wives are at war with each other all the time, and the eunuchs in attendance also added their weight!

These Aggressors seem to have plenty of things to say and some even quoted from Sutra and challenging Old Madam of ilovegm forum in Interpretation of them too!

Of course the Enlightenment Issue was not left out!

Remember in recent article:

One of those that said these:
[ "师尊说我开悟了, 我就出家当上师。"
"When GM said I am Enlightened, then I will be ordained and become Shangshi (Vajra-master)." ]
is one of the founders of 6-ears monkeys forum!

My humble advice: If you are not happy or satisfied with how you wanted to be treated in TBS, just leave quietly and go seek another school that can meet all your wants and needs.

What is the point of dragging a Living Buddha through your idea of Sentient scandals to appease your Hatred & Anger, caused by others and Self?

Yes! Self also caused your negative emotions!

If you truly come to realisation, what others choose to said or do, SHOULD NOT Affect you an iota!

Enlightened or Not, all responsibilities upon Individual Self, nothing to do with anyone else too!


Why launch such a huge frivolous and time wasting Vendetta, when you can't get the recognition and glory that you craved?

Look at what kind of War, TBS' admin and successor hurled at me?
With Maha Perfection Dharma, everything is out into the open and clearly explained!

Who cares whether I am in the reverend list or not?
Who cares what I can wear and what I can't?
Who cares what others dictate that I should do?

Don't make fools of selves online which is very very public!

If you truly listen to GM Lu, and be patient and diligently cultivate, you will see now that changes already taken place.
More people wake up to the Truths about not blindly believe anyone, especially those VMs that are after money and have yet to Yoga with Root Guru.

It is Self that needs to unveil own Buddha Nature and leave Samsara well behind!

Nothing to do with anyone else lol!

See what I mean when I commented that: all those with the ilovegm or against, are sentient beings that I need to succour when Affinity is Ripe! :)

Want to wake-up already?

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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