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法性最大 Dharma Nature is the Greatest One

Terjemahan Indonesia: Dharmata Adalah Yang Teragung

English Translation by Lotuschef.
Note: This is mostly Zen dialogue, I will try my best to translate comprehensively. :)
Alternatively, you can get the same translated on your own too. Cheers!

Source: 蓮生活佛著作盧勝彥文集184_給你點上心燈

天竺二十七祖「般若多羅」(Prajnatara) 尊者,弘法至「南印度」,見一國王「香至」,有三位王子,第一位「月淨多羅」、第二位「功德多羅」、第三位「菩提多羅」(菩提達摩 Bodhidharma)。







Master ask: Amongst all materials, which has No Form?

Answer: Amongst all materials, Non Arising has No Form.

Ask: Amongst all materials, which is the topmost?

Answer: Amongst all materials, Others & Self is topmost.

Ask: Amongst all materials, which is the greatest or biggest?

Answer: Amongst all materials, Dharma Nature is the Greatest.

Therefore, 27th Patriarch [Prajna Tara], knows that Bodhidharma is Big Dharma Vessel or has great Dharma Potential.

最後付法給「菩提達摩」,付法偈是:Verse from Bodhidharma to conclude:

心地生諸種。Various seeds or matters grow from Heart's ground.
因事復生理。Reasons grows from Causative Matters.
果滿菩提圓。Abundance Fruitfulness filled Bodhi Garden.
華開世界起。」World arises when Flower Blooms.

After reading these words, those with sharp eyes or wit will know that [Dharma Treasure]; [Wisdom Light]; [Understanding Heart]; is the topmost.

「念不起」就是無相。[Thoughts no arise] is No Form.
「人我」靈性最高。[Others & Self], Spiritual nature is Highest.
「法性」最大而不可思議。 [Dharma Nature] is greatest and unimaginable.
「菩提達摩」已一一說了出來也。Bodhidharma has spoken of them one by one.


天竺第二十七祖「般若多羅」交代:27th Patriarch, Prajnatara, left instructions.

Wait for 67 years, you will go to Central Land - China, install big Dharma Medicine, receive & guide "top roots" - people with great dharma potentials.

Are there Dharma vessels in Central Land?

The direction/location that you transform, countless will receive the Bodhi.

Do not stay in the South. 
People there are only interested in Merits and don't see Buddha's Philosophy.
(此指梁武帝蕭衍)He refers to Emperor Wu of Liang.





Bodhidharma believes:
Pure Wisdom miraculously rounded or perfect,
Body or Form is inherently void & solitary,
This type of merits,
Not seekable or securable in the world.




實非法器也! Bragging about merits is not Dharma vessel!

I truly tell all of you, Everything [for merits], is what needs to be done, do our utmost or best.
But, do not think of Merits.

More important is [comprehend heart, sight nature], because [Dharma nature] is the greatest!


From the chat archive:

5 Oct 20:26 - Lotuschef Lama: I saw SF on screen this morning. He is in Seattle. He looks very lost n unhappy.

ST: I saw it too
I jus finish the video
I tot i saw wrongly
So now u confirm

Lotuschef Lama: I saw it live
Hehe. He also looks scared
Most don't understand that GM knows everything about each of us!
That's why I try not to be too naughty! Hehe!

ST: This one i believe
He really knows :)

Lotuschef Lama: Ya. Your experiences n GM helping you silently in the background
Like he throw your face into my visions sometimes too. Hahaha!

ST: Haha
I talk to him (GM) everyday
Tel him abt the mistakes i made
And all
I think he can hear me

Lotuschef Lama: Of course he can
I m glad u n BL really bother to listen n use what I shared with you all. 
Talking to GM all the time is good
I talk to him all the time. Just like my good buddy always by my side.
O! When I write articles, he always guide me
Topics he gives me n then I think on them for a few days, then he signals NOW. I write then n there lol.
Sometimes, material for topic came with watching people around me

ST: Ya i know
Sometime i think don't care about things feel happier

Lotuschef Lama: Well, when you understand the 3 wheels' nature is void, there is no better or worse.
We just need to do n help out.
So cultivation also helps you to let go of feelings, which causes unhappiness
Balance, my dear. The middle path concept.

ST: True

Lotuschef Lama: Got about 40 registered for lotus offering from Medan n Penang
Should be quite a good number too for this event

ST: How abt sg side?

Lotuschef Lama: No yet.
BL will register
She is worried about her hubby's income. Seems he resigned n wanted to do .....

ST: I heard abt it
Everyone got their woes

Lotuschef Lama: But he should secure a license to work at ..... before resigning lol
Actually, he over confident. He also thinks he is very smart! Ego n pride.

ST: Most men are like this

Lotuschef Lama: But his is very very pronounced! Hehe!
People like this, hard to be humble n not suitable for service industry
Well, guess like GM said, hurt n in pain then will wake up n let go


In the above article by GM, the story is about Bodhidharma, the founder Zen Patriarch of Central Land or Eastern territories like China.

The Indian 27th Zen Patriarch on his Dharma Propagation route, came to Southern India.
He met a king Xiang Zhi, who has 3 sons.
The youngest is Bodhidharma.
Taking out a rounded ball of shining gem, he asked the 3 princes: Is there any other that can rival the perfect roundedness and shine of this precious gem?

Prince 1 & 2 replied: This gem has no rival from the 7 treasures.

This is Sentient treasure, not fitting or not enough to be tops.
Amongst all treasures, Dharma Treasure is tops.

This is Sentient Shine, not fitting or not enough to be tops.
Amongst all shines, Wisdom Shine is tops.

This is Sentient understanding, not fitting or not enough to be tops.
Amongst all understanding, Understanding One's Heart is tops.

Of course, these answers impressed the Zen Patriarch! :)

GM also wrote about those that go around bragging about how great their merits are, really not so.

Sincerely wish you all well and able to digest Zen dialogue for your own usage in cultivation.

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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