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EMAIL - Re: Request Prayer Support

The following is an email sent to Pure Karma.
It is in the exact form received.
Notice the Lama Lotuschef and 莲廚法师 is copied from the blog.

Now, this email should go to a Malaysian Buddhist chapter or institution, instead of to Pure Karma, which is based in Singapore and Indonesia.

The writer didn't include an address of the one that he thinks need Prayer support of all "buddhist member".

Dear all, 
Long distance help - one need to submit not a name, but the address and also a photo.

It is obvious the writer can read blog if he can 'cut & paste" Lotuschef's name.
What would be the best form of help for writer and his wife?

Request Prayer Support?
Hope all buddhist member can pray for her?

From the contents of email, if you understand Karma & its actions, what should you do?

1. Say sorry
2. Pay debts
3. Do charity & benefit others

This is not a failure story that lasted 15 years but a success story of endurance for 15 years.
Both party can [Do-it-yourself]!

Instead of asking for Prayer Support, learn and chant prayers yourself and dedicate to All beings.
All beings includes self, karmic foes, families, friends, and those you not acquainted with as of present moment.
In this way, you say sorry to those you owe and say "Hi" to those you don't owe and have yet to be acquainted with.

Seeking help from anyone else?
You created more debts for yourself only.

In this blog, there are recordings of many sutras and the easiest one is the High King Sutra. 
Else chanting titles of Buddhas like "Namo Amituofo" and dedicate these to all beings and wishing all beings healthy and happy will do too.

Thus you don't create debts for self and also benefit others.
In this way, you can also clear your own karmic debts and Set Yourself Free!

Writer took for granted that siblings should help out their sister.
Think: before putting blame on the siblings for their reluctance to offer help, what has this sister done to them in this and past lifetime to alienate family?

Pure Karma always pray for the well being of All beings at all our function and events. 

We do not select any special party to pray for unless the party concerned is willing to help themselves. 

Money is also not the issue!

As long as the party is willing to do chanting dedication to all beings or do charity work, they will be stepping on the road to "take control of their own lives" 自主生死.

When the writer change his mindset that others owe him and must help him or his wife, he will learn that he and only himself can change his own life.

Do not take for granted that you have a right to anything!

Karma is a scary thing if it comprises all Negatives!

Karma is one's own and no one else's!

Hahaha! I am not charitable? 
If you think so, then you don't understand that HELP was offered in this post already!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef


Re: Request Prayer Support

Dear Lama Lotuschef 


My name is mervin chen & my wife name is Ms. Yap from Malaysia chinese.
Both of us suffering more than 15 years until now. Never have happy life.

Right now, I am working oversee due to having critical financial problem.
I left Malaysia since 2 year end of 2013. I have no choice but have tero leave my wife stay alone.
Before I left, facing terrible suffering sickness epilepsy and must working to support family.
My wife have sickness of depression, hatred, sadness since last 15 years not able to work.

That why, only me have to support her resulted heavy bank debts. The only hope is choose work oversee but have leave her living alone.
Since I left, she couldnt accet, depression, sucide, adnormal living same as begger life, choose to died not to live on.
As a result, she even increase hatred to me, her sickness until have tumor cancer since last year.
No financial support medication, alone, her sickness getting worst.
After doctor dianogse, she have tumor must have remove surgery, otherwise, getting bigger until blow sure will end of life anytime.

She dont have financial support for medication, no family support, alone, her sadness, depression getting deep, waiting time to go.
Doctor already warning must  do surgery since mid  last year. 
From my side, i even have to work oversee in order to support her living and my heavy debts.
If I come back Msia, I not able to support family anymore, I will sue by Bank bankfrupcy.

Her condition, getting worst mentally suffering since I left, why to life, better died is best solution to her.
Within 2 year, she living with her own 2nd elder brother who rich, charge rental for the room. For her medication cost, all 3 brother refuse to share of support even daily food drink never provide for sick youngest sister.

She like living outside person who rent  room from close brother. Eat herself, when sick, she have to look for doctor herself, call taxi, all brother working earn money more important. All brotherhood know she have critical sickness cancer stage but living with close one even worst.

End up she even depress, then try look for elder brother help who is the busniessman, all treat her as problem sickness ladies, no one willing to take care, she already JAGA not orang lain, all blame me.
Last 2 month, she can't living just go back hometown look for eldest like run from suffering live. But emotional suffering thousand times.

She try to go back KL to continue suffering life after go back hometown, also suffering living with eldest brother.
When she call back KL brother, inform that, her room was rent out to outside people.
All her belonging was thrown out.
She even want to died immediately, torture by close 3 elder brothers and blame all to me leaving her stay alone.
Her tumor cancer cell getting worst, pain everyday, emotion deeper thousand pain by torturing life by own family.
Worst is, her eldest brother use her name to apply 50 staff phone line owing DIGI morethan 20,000.00 etc , borrow bank loan resulted her name sue by bank, bankruptcy soon, saving account frozen etc

No more meaning continue to live cheat by own brother and sister. Now, she no place to stay anymore, lost direction, no money, facing legal action but all cheated by close brother, have tumor cancer sickness, never dare to go thru surgery or further costly medication, worst emotional deeply depress cheat by close one, etc

I only can go back KL once a year by end of this month. At the same time, me also sue by bank  after six month overdue after I support her additional medical & living cost since last year etc.

Please advise how to help and request  pray support for her to go thru suffering life, I really feel sad is all my fault never give her happy life. I really dont what to do now.

Hope all buddhist member can pray for her.
Fullname Yap Swee Hong


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