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你真的有在听根本上师的?Are You Truly Listening to Your Root Guru? [3]

Let us give thanks to omahhum for these sharing:

11/21/2015 Dharma Talk by Grand-Master Lu - Taiwan Lei Tsang Temple

Extracted from:
蓮生活佛 盧勝彥法王 於11月21日在〈台灣雷藏寺〉主持 「瑤池金母護摩大法會」系列報導之二《蓮生活佛寶貴的法語開示內容》

Please note that the following is a write-up by fellow student only, Always get the Exact or Authentic Version, Direct from GM Lu! :)

This variant of Golden mother is not of this world, very young, pretty and of current generation or trendy.

GM Lu said that Golden mother is his most respected and sighted personally by him in the Dharmadhatu as the most perfect divine energy, without any double in the world.



GM liken Yoga or Mutual Responsive Merging to [Hand=phone]!
Because it doesn't leave you daily, caring meticulously for it daily, concern for it at all times, seeing - listening - talking - face sticking to face with it daily, also cannot drop on floor, this is [Yoga or Mutual Responsive Merging]!

Cultivator and Yidam is just like own hand-phone, never leaving one's body.

只要和本尊「相應」就會有很強大的 power,一秒鐘就可以感應!Once Yoga with Yidam then will have great or strong Power, can have response in a second!

As to the current election in Taiwan, GM Lu raised related viewpoints of import, saying that A political candidate should push forward Finance, and let all be rich!

Candidate should raise related political plans for [Finance, Foreign Relations, Cultural, Both Shores (Cross Country - Between Mainland China & Taiwan)...]
Not to compete over Popularity from citizens or their opinion polls!

Because when you publicised you political plans, the snow bright eyes of citizens, through wisdom will then poll that one saintly vote!


GM said that he cares for Shimu daily. (The details of care given can be found from the speeches, links above)

GM Lu's view is that [Being the president is to service citizens, and not high high up! ]
(Hahaha! this is what most VMs and those with mindset to be "king" should note!)

Each individual has snow bright eyes, must use wisdom to decide!

In summary, GM Lu said that TBS cultivate True or Real Buddha Dharma, 
Services to deliver or help souls to transcend out of realms of suffering are Real, 
Attainment is real, 
TBS do not cheat people with falsehood; 
Within TBS, there are many that Feel Responses from Divinity, many also have Mutual Responsive Merging (Yoga),
Many have attainment!

As long as all have Perseverance (Constancy) of Heart or Mind, 
have stamina/will power, 
Sure will be successful!


A: the picture wavers n sound not clear. this is not the 1st time they do live cast, don't know why so bad
the young jinmu statue is out liao
12:09 AM

i saw the young jinmu way back in 2009 b4 i go Seattle for 1st time

B:  :) like dakinis

A: ya. very young like the genie
standing n not sitting, very lively n bouncy n joyful
12:12 AM

today's speech not much but the important part is Yoga - must have diligence n continuity

B: yep

A: i guess the politicians came n gave speeches n waste time!
1:24 AM

B: yes, GM was repeating the politic things to the politicians, must be something previously

A: but his speech applies to those like 2 that wants power but can't deliver anything beneficial
He said if you want my vote, then show me some plans
1:27 AM

B: hahahaha makes sense
don't cheat and lie to people

A:much depth in his speech

B:as my vote is sacred

A: the Yoga keys were great as lots of my latest articles are on how to yoga
1:28 AM

(palms together)
yes, i also thought the same

A: the healthy salad meal for dinner is not enough! :)
I am hungry pretty fast.
ate fruits but still hungry
and his comments on servicing shimu too

B: oatmeals now fashi? :)

A:i guess he has to do boundary protection or shielding so she wont be disturb further!

B:she has to be served now, she should be very problematic with her health
yes, exactly

A: Yup. oatmeal with macha powder
the spirits inside her already enough, so if more kindred spirits come n join the party, then she really in big danger too
the scattered aura means .......

B: yes, i remember what you've told me about her

A: they never figure that GM will get someone like me to Tell the Truth
most still don't want to believe that I am telling the Truth though

B: too difficult to digest for most people
even though you have list the parameters to "see" and "value"

A: hehe! Hey, mine is Buddha's language lol!

B: :)

A: the main key is one has to start from the bottom n build up!
BUT all dont want to do so properly!

B: lots of things to be corrected and reevaluated from the bottom

A: like the one that I did today, must be step by step from the bottom
GM actually telling all that most still don't want to cultivate to help self
its not as if don't understand Chinese

so pretend n pretend is no use lol
and got real mad when I pointed out the truth about being possessed by animal spirits n lousy aura
means didn't cultivate at all

B:yes hor

A: so who breached disciplines by lying to all? as I said, cultivation don't have means don't have, can't lie

its in the person's aura n if long term do bad, then even the face n parts of body become deformed
how can 2 ascend the dharma throne when he has nothing to show?

GM mentioned POWER too! hehe

B: yes, GM also said that the characters will show in their face/body when they're getting old
subtly building until becoming visible

A: well, when visible to every one then real bad liao

its not that they can't understand Chinese but they are prevented from understanding n doing or executing

attempting to control others, but they are being controlled by demons n ghosts

this is creating Hell within n without!

looking back at all they threw at me, and all that I shared n pointed out, Dharma is a language only those with great affinity can understand n use

I extended a helping hand but they couldn't see, so can't grab hold of help
dharma also dont choose from the rich n neglect the poor

B: some people are doing things blindly and they're everywhere

A: I have learn to leave them be until their affinity mature

B: what a long list of VIP
and they just love the attentions

A: little do they realise that having a buddha announcing their presence really not that good for those that don't have merits n also this is a form of feeding their ego
trying to gain popularity in a religious event!

WITH empty talks! Hehe! GM rephrased and said those that are wise also won't vote blindly
he said, not bcos u are good looking or red-hot in popularity

B: meeting with wrong person can lead to another wrong end
it's very possible

A: sad that F didn't have astral trips like this little girl
but the little girl has too wide a mouth, might not be too good if given the adulation too young
esp by those ignorants that are greedy for power n use her

well, LL thought he can control me n make me work for him n make him rich
he didn't bargain for GM's guiding hand that is with me

O! GM said, yidam always with you once u yoga

B: yes

A: and have to talk to yidam too

B: yes, the english translation is the same

talking to yidam

A: keys are aplenty if they pay attention

B: in a snap of a finger means that the familiarisation is perfect as well

A: yup.

B:very much depth within a short sermon

A: the politicians came with motives, thus their intent is not pure. hehe
the whole world can listen to GM's speech but not many understand and can use too
wow! 2am here liao. best sleep lol. hehe.

天才在左瘋子在右 劇集列表 Genius Left Lunatic Right List to Ep15
this show not bad :)
I met S .......

B: good for him...
hahaha you should take a rest fashi
so that your blood sugar is stable

A: ya. but his aura still no good
his light is blocked n struggling to surface, so he has this helpless aura

Moir? :)
i am fine, cos i can sleep late or take naps whenever i need
am watching the last ep of D day
2:32 AM

Dear all,
GM Lu shared the Keys to Successful Yoga with Divinity yet again! 

Did you picked up these Keys too?

The Brief write up posted in TBSN, left out some keys though. :)

One of them is what I have been encouraging all students of GM Lu to do from the very beginning - Talk to GM! 

In recent articles on Guru Yoga, I also shared various keys that were "gathered" from my own experiences in cultivation, hope they can help you. 

Cultivation success or Guru/Yidam Yoga?

You must do it yourself and adhere strictly to GM Lu's guidances as if they are rulers! 

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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