Wednesday, November 25, 2015

你要真菩提心吗?Do You Have True Boddhicitta?


PK: u see from all the Answers, none gauge BB and the smoke offering n 6 realm vajra mantra well
  • Assignment - Realization 觉悟
  • Hi Fashi
    Before I try to answer the assignment again, let me apologise.
    I really need to 忏悔....[repent]
    How can I not use 菩萨的慈悲心 [Boddhicitta of Boddhisattva ] to think about BB's email.
    From the beginning of the email, 我已经丑化 [ I have already made ugly] BB.
    Sigh....really need to 忏悔 to GM, Fashi n BB.

  • Fashi: Oops! you forget that Repentance is knowing what you did wrong and Vow never to repeat!
    You do not need to say sorry to GM, Me & BB!
    When you really don't repeat then your Repentance is Successful!
    Nothing to do with GM, Me & BB lol! :)
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~

请问鲁师尊教的修法前行的 [四无量心观]你真的懂吗?
Question: Do you really understand [4 immeasurable visualisation] in the pre-yidam yoga steps of GM Lu's cultivation sadhana?


Why place all beings of the 6 realms beside the cultivator?

都是 [一]!
All is [One] ! 

Without True Boddhicitta, You still do not have affinity to [Cultivate Buddha Dharma]!

It is just this simple!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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