Tuesday, November 10, 2015

直指 Direct Pointing Out - 不要误解 Don't misinterpret

 Above: GM Lu laughingly remarked on speeches given by 2 VMs regarding his stays between Seattle and Taiwan!

Below: Arya Atisha Dipamkara - a past life of GM Lu.

Slogan 52. Don't misinterpret.

The 6 thing you may misinterpret are patience, yearning, excitement, compassion, priorities and joy.

You are patient when you'll get your way, but not when its difficult. 

You yearn for worldly things, instead of an open heart and mind. 

You get excited about wealth and entertainment, instead of your potential for enlightenment. 

You have compassion for those you like, but none for those you don't. 

Worldly gain is your priority rather than cultivating loving-kindness and compassion. 

You feel joy when you enemies suffer, and do not rejoice in others' good fortune.

These are goodies compiled by Atisha, one of GM Lu's previous existence.

    And the Vimalaprabha or Stainless Light Commentaries is one of the great compilation transmitted to the world! :)
  • 正常?Normal?

  • Think: Why do One choose to Cultivate?
    Hahaha! To take control of One's own Life & Death or Destiny or Fate, correct?

    Now, recap from GM Lu's words: Only those that are Fully enlightened can give Unbiased opinions! :)

    AH! Realised something?

    The final verdict?

    In my opinion, I would choose to be Abnormal and stay so too!
    I really have no time or leisure to bother about what others choose to think and perceived too!

    Do you agree that for those that have time to go around to Forcefully Imprint their values onto others and directing their actions, they should spend their time Fruitfully cultivating as per GM Lu's instructions & guidances, concur?

    Do you know how much GM Lu would like to have most stay away from HIM?
    I would also prefer that most stay far away from Me!

    See the mass always trying to get close to GM for Self Benefits?
    See how GM Lu goes through constant "wearing down" by Faithfuls?
    See how many are truly willing to put efforts into cultivating and DIY?

    Please continue to [misunderstand me & stay far away from me] !
    Merci beaucoup! :)

    Why does Sakyamuni Buddha choose to "Leave" upon Enlightenment?

    What did the 4 Noble Truths teaches you?

Yet another claimed that she is very accurate in Fortune telling like Palm reading!
BUT! This is one of them that has taken refuge with GM Lu for almost 30 years!

AND, GM Lu instructed me to teach her the 4 Preliminaries Practice!
She is also the one that came and asked me for the Keys to 9 Steps Breathing Techniques, after a Indo student told us that he got them from GM Lu!

A person that claimed she practices the Treasure Vase Qi Practice daily and don't have keys to 9 Steps Breathing Practice?

Frankly speaking, YOU are solely responsible for Failing to comprehend that in Tantrayana, The Root Guru is your most important key and never ever think to supercede or surpass or overthrow this Most Precious Key!

Noticed that I always advice all to "Listen Only to your One & Only Root Guru"?

In recent speech, GM Lu talked about "Misunderstanding" or "Misinterpretation".

An integral part of Lojong or Mind Training!

Has anyone bothered to spend some time reading through the articles on Lojong shared in this blog?

Well, if you didn't, then your lost! :)

And lying or falsifying Buddha's statements?
As per GM Lu, 2015年11月8日聖尊蓮生活佛盧勝彥開講「大圓滿九次第法」-彩虹雷藏寺Link: https://vimeo.com/145087572

今天,师尊在开示讲 [不悟言无]是 [诈欺罪]!
Today, in GM Lu's speech [Not enlightened but claimed to be enlightened] is [fraud]!


Yes! Don't misinterpret!

Listen to your own Root Guru with cool clear calm mind and don't dig your way to Vajra Hell!

Read the articles whereby I asked whether You truly understood what GM Lu has shared with you again! 

AND, Don't Lie!

Whether you understand or not, your body speech mind will always tell the TRUTH! 
Not Kidding!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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