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Lotuschef at Play - Heresies?异教邪说?


AA: I heard from my classmate  about this father stefano & his works
The article refers back to a Franciscan of the Immaculate, who wanted neither to be named or photographed. 
He had stated: without giving any reasons, that there are new efforts around the deposed Founder Fr Stefano Maria Manelli and the Vatican in 2013, to establish a new Old Rite Order. 

"They do not want to acknowledge the Modern", the anonymous brother who is against these efforts, allegedly told Corriere della Sera. 

The special vow (or promise) was linked to these aspirations for a new foundation and concerns those men and women religious, who have remained faithful to the Founder.


BB: same problem with the father here in bogor
he performs healing and eventually suffers from cancer
really in trouble

AA: hahaha! ppl like them in the church's eyes are EVIL!

ppl with astral power somehow drew jealous n vicious attacks from human that have animal minds or that of the asuras

Shared by BB: From -

The Dhyana-Samadhi Meditation Absorptions - Part 3

Methods for Attaining One-pointedness

There are all sorts of methods available for practicing to reach the one-pointed concentration required of the various samadhi and dhyana. 

In fact, the purpose of worldly religion is to give you these options of practice, and help get you started on their road of attainment. 

Another one of the important jobs of religion--in addition to preserving these cultivation routes and continually making them available so that spiritual aspirants have a living road of practice to rely upon--is to explain them and teach you how to tread these paths. 
Otherwise, a religion is not doing its job.

Yet even though this is one of the responsibilities of religion, sometimes the ruling powers within organized religions try to persecute and even destroy individuals who actually attain the samadhi spiritual states. 

Other times the leaders of religions are well meaning and really want to help people, but just do not know what to teach about these things because the spiritual leaders lack any understanding themselves. 

When this is the case, true spiritual cultivators can still suffer religious persecution even though their spiritual attainments far surpass those of the established orthodoxy.


AA: hehe! This meditation expert has lots of Truths

BB: yes hor

AA: same thing that ppl trying to get rid of GM

ppl can't understand you then they play safe by getting rid of you

BB: unbelievable thirst of jealousy

AA: he is very like me! being hit by ignorants!

<< Manetti: Judging by the letter his lawyer Ruschi, President of the association Communion Tradizione has sent, in which he expressly forbids Father Serafino public celebration of the traditional Mass, one can see no doctrinal condemnation of the book content, but - if one may say - it is a "political" condemnation of the text. 

It is said (so what is the truth?) that a Bishop can not approve the theses contained there, 
without claiming that we are dealing with heresies, 
whereby the doubt arises that this impossibility is not caused by the thesis itself, but the position of the bishop; 

in other words. that it is not about doctrinal reasons, but "pastoral" considerations that cause the head of a Catholic diocese, to not comment positively in public on the great work of Father Serafino. >>

dealing with heresies!!! hehe

BB: hahaha sooooo political
More from the same site: 

The Eponymous Flower: Father Stefano Manelli

Father Serafino Lanzetta is not a dangerous heretic?
Manetti: Of course not. Father Serafino Lanzetta is not only not a dangerous heretic, but - despite his young age - one of the greatest living theologians, brilliant and profound at the same time, capable, as I said, to the depths of the errors, but also he has gathered the reasons and presented the actors of the Council.

How is the provisional administration of the Franciscans of the Immaculate to end, after most of the brothers have unsuccessfully made ​​the request to be allowed to leave the Order?

Manetti: Everything happening so far suggests that the deliberate intention is to "liquidate" the Order of the Franciscans of the Immaculate, both the male and the female branch. All measures, sometimes accelerated, sometimes slowed down, aim at that. It can be seen plainly that the case of the Franciscans of the Immaculate reveal the violent face of modernism and show the way postulated by Gramsci of the primacy of practice leads over theory.
I would therefore like to take the opportunity of this interview to prompt all, in the defense the truth about the Order of the Franciscans of the Immaculate founded by Father Manelli and Father Pellettieri, to persevere so that the silence about this sad state of affairs can be spread, because of the silence can make profit only the persecutors.



Dear all, rest assured that those true cultivators of whatever religious leanings can never ever be affected by mere mortals, whether they have animal or human minds or others.....


They are beyond the grasping claws of ignorants already!

A word of caution: How much do you know about the person you are "attacking"?
AND, when this person can read your mind, Stop your foolishness immediately and repent! 

In other words, "Say Sorry!" 

O! This person that can read your mind won't harm you BUT your own demon will attract their likes that will gobble you! 

O! A person that can read your mind, has already Void all and can't be found by mere mortals or ignorants! 

Don't waste your time!

O! Forbid from Mass or any ceremony?
Remember "No Cultivation Yoga"?

Do already also you won't know and can't see! Hehe! 

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef 

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