Friday, November 6, 2015

直指 Direct Pointing Out - Alone on the Moon 独自在月球上

At Taizhong's Xiang Hua LZS, before the inauguration event.

I walked towards the washroom.

Suddenly, a fashi from Melbourne waved to me, signalling his intention to speak to me.

I met him a few days ago in Taibei at luncheon which I was invited to.

LT: 听XR法师说你不听话!你要听长辈的话!
LT: I heard from XR fashi (the one with horns) that you are disobedient! You must listen to your seniors!

LC: Shizun said [Along on the moon].

LT: You are on earth, not the moon.

LC: I choose to be on the moon.

LT 不停的继续教训我。
LT continued to lecture me.

I smiled and walked away.

Dear all, GM Lu pointed out many times what is [Alone on the Moon].

Shouldn't the seniors get this teaching into them first before attempting to "bully" those they tagged as Juniors?

Like XR, the one who admitted to having Horns on his head, this one from Melbourne also don't show he has paid attention to GM Lu's teachings and behave accordingly too!

In Buddhism, One learns the necessaries to "Take control of own's life"!

Just because this one and his buddy think that they are seniors and can dictate to those that they tagged as juniors, doesn't alter Buddha's teachings at all!

Why does people like this one and his buddy, think to show that they are superior and must be obeyed?

Real ignorant to lock themselves in cages of their own making, agree?

To those that still want to try out their claws with anyone, do have a care for your own welfare!

When someone read you at a glance, do run for your life!!!


Acting like a bully or a gangster boss?
Then you are no Buddha's student at all!

When I keep repeating that I am alone on the moon or prefer to be there, and smile at you, back off please!

With all fashi and fellow students sitting nearby, witnessing your ignorance, YOU exposed your shortcomings!

You know how words spread like wild fire?

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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