Thursday, November 26, 2015

Karma 因果报应 - Bizarre? 奇思妙想?

Photos above are captured during Pure Karma's HK Homa event!

Spirits of various forms are all around us.
They will not harm or come close to you, unless you have a debt-link with them.

Now tell  a story......

KC is an executive engineer and she earns more than her spouse.
Ya. The domineering spouse of that family.

Immediately upon birth of her second daughter, she has ligation done and vowed not to have anymore kids.

This second child can't speak all the way through to entry to primary education.

Now whats the deal? :)

Yes, there was a deal or agreement between this second child and another male spirit!

This child was born with a big head like a rugby ball and look very much like a boy!

As KC refused to have more kids, the male spirit's chance of being born in the same household as the female is void.

If KC gives birth to the male child first, the female spirit will "murder" the male infant!

Hahaha! Ya. Women are vicious! 

Now, the male spirit will attempt to be the child of the second daughter and KC will somehow nurse the child poorly, causing Infant Death!

I "Saw" the male infant lying on a big double bed, and KC walked away.
The male infant "commits suicide" by shifting downwards and falling off the bed, dying from head injury!

O! why didn't I interfere and stop this suicide?

Too bad, I was shown these sequence of events well after it took place!

Revenge is a very scary thing, indeed!

For those that can afford to have more kids, try considering giving those that crave the Human Form a chance!

Hahaha! Encouraging Population Increases?

Well, all depend on whether you have the Karmic affinity to have any!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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